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How to make Pork tenderloin recipe in cream sauce

Learn how to cook a rich pork tenderloin for a special dinner for the family meal of the month. With this easy recipe we will teach you how to prepare a cream sauce for sirloin , a white onion sauce that will give a unique touch of flavor to the meat.

Using just ingredients and in less than half an hour you will have a succulent and very elegant dish ready, so do not forget to take care of the presentation of this pork tenderloin in cream sauce , you will see how the milk cream helps you create a slightly thick sauce and full of flavor that everyone will want to repeat.

How to make pork tenderloin in cream sauce:

When you have all the ingredients ready, on the work table, start by seasoning the sirloins. For this recipe we have calculated 200 grams of meat per person, but you can vary it to taste.Add about two tablespoons of olive oil to a non-stick pan and cook until hot. Then, seal the meat in the pan by placing the pork tenderloin until golden brown on all sides. Withdraw and reserve.

Pork tenderloin recipe in cream sauce
Pork tenderloin recipe in cream sauce

On the other hand, chop the onion finely and fry it in the pan adding a little more oil. After about 10 minutes, when the onion is transparent, add the cream, season and continue cooking, over low heat until it reduces for about 6 minutes.Next, pass this onion sauce for sirloin through the blender until you get a fine and homogeneous texture. Add the mustard and herbs to the sauce to stir again and return to the skillet.

You can substitute tarragon for marjoram or basil.

Pork tenderloin recipe in cream sauce 2022
Pork tenderloin recipe in cream sauce 2022

Also place the sirloin in the pan and cook everything together for about 7-9 minutes.When serving our pork tenderloin with cream sauce , remove from the pan, cut into not very thin slices and bathe with the white sauce.You can accompany this sirloin with cream with a garnish of rustic mashed potatoes and some steamed vegetables. And if you want to compare this recipe with similar ones, you can take a look at the sirloin with onion sauce recipe , with photos in all the steps.If you liked the recipe for Pork Tenderloin in Cream Sauce ,

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