Easy to make Poached Eggs Recipe with plastic wrap

Poached eggs or poached eggs are cooked in hot water and are characterized by bud completely covered by the clear, as if it were a sack. Traditionally they are made without any type of bag, however, obtaining the desired result is much more complicated and, therefore, we share a very simple and effective trick below.

Stay in Guruwalik and discover how to make poached eggs with plastic wrap , a very practical way to obtain perfect poached eggs.

Poached Eggs Recipe
Poached Eggs Recipe

Ingredients to make poached eggs with plastic wrap:

  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 dash of olive oil
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 sheets of plastic wrap

How to make poached eggs with plastic wrap:

Step NO 1

In order to prepare the poached eggs with plastic wrap, the first thing we have to do is take a small bowl or bowl. Then, we place a sheet of transparent paper inside it, crack the egg inside and pour a drizzle of olive oil.

Step NO 2

By making the eggs poached with plastic wrap, we not only ensure that they remain with the desired shape of the bag, but we also have the opportunity to season them with spices if we want. Thus, we sprinkle salt to taste and add the seasonings that we like the most, such as black pepper, oregano, parsley, thyme … Once this is done, we tie a knot with the plastic wrap and close the bag without leaving air inside, just as shown in the photo.

Easy to make Poached Eggs Recipe with plastic wrap
Easy to make Poached Eggs Recipe with plastic wrap

Tip: If you have trouble tying the knot, roll up the excess part and secure it with kitchen twine.

Step NO 3

We put a pot of water to heat and, once we see that the water reaches the first boil, we lower the heat to medium and we introduce the eggs with plastic wrap . As you can see, closing the bags perfectly is essential to prevent the white from coming out or the water from entering. Likewise, the poached eggs with transparent paper should be cooked in approximately 4 and 6 minutes so that the yolk does not harden, depending on the type of fire.

Step NO 4

When they are ready, remove the poached eggs from the pot and quickly transfer them to a container with cold water to prevent them from continuing to cook. Once the cooking is cut, we carefully remove the paper and serve them as an accompaniment to a grilled salmon fillet , on toast with arugula in a green salad . Possibilities are endless!

As you can see, cooking a poached egg with plastic wrap is very easy, fast and the result is spectacular. Go ahead and try this poached egg recipe and tell us what you think.

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