How to make Pineapple Chicken Stew Recipe

When we talk about stew, we refer to a cooking technique for food that is raw. In this case, we will cook a protein, which is simmered and a stew is added as a condiment. For this recipe the main protein can be any piece of chicken that you want to use.

For the stew, I will use pineapple, bell pepper or paprika and white onion. Do you want to know how? Read on and learn how to cook pineapple chicken stew .

How to make Pineapple Chicken Stew:

In the first step, what we must pre-list are the ingredients that we are going to use in the preparation of our chicken stew . You can use both the leg and the leg of the chicken, but not the breast. Bring a pot to medium heat with a teaspoon of olive or sunflower oil, add the chicken pieces with salt and pepper to taste and let it fry for a few minutes.

Pineapple Chicken Stew Recipe
Pineapple Chicken Stew Recipe

Add the onion cut into thick feathers and a little garlic paste for a touch of flavor to the chicken stew. Let it fry for a few more minutes. Once you see that the onion and chicken pieces are golden brown, add water and dried oregano to season the preparation.

Let cook over medium heat for 30-40 minutes until the chicken pieces are tender. Then, remove them and reserve the broth left over from cooking the meat.

Bring a pan over medium heat with a little oil.

Add the peppers cut into strips. Let it fry for a few minutes. Add the onion that you used to cook the chicken pieces and mix very well until integrated with the peppers. Add the chicken pieces to the pan where we have the peppers and onion and cook it all for a few minutes. 

To continue preparing the chicken stew, add the diced pineapple and a little oregano on top for flavor. Let the pineapple sauté a bit to add a bittersweet touch to the stew.

Finally, add the rum and the broth left over.

From cooking the chicken pieces. To finish the pineapple chicken stew, let it cook over medium heat for about 10 more minutes and turn off the heat. Serve the pineapple chicken stew by adding chunks of bell pepper and pineapple on top.

Pineapple Chicken Stew Recipe 2022
Pineapple Chicken Stew Recipe 2022

If you wish, you can also add pieces of onion when serving and accompany it with a healthy quinoa salad . If you want more recipes with chicken or have any comments or concerns, write to us. Enjoy this delicious recipe! If you liked the recipe for Chicken Stew with Pineapple ,

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