How to make Pickled Partridges Recipe

Pickled partridge is a very traditional and old dish of Castilian origin. It has hardly been transformed over the years and keeps that acid touch of the vinegar in its proper measure that will bring out the flavor of the partridge stew.

How to make Pickled Partridges:

Prepare the partridge by cleaning it inside and completely removing the feathers. If it is a game partridge, you must remove the feather and any embedded leads that it may contain.

Pickled Partridges Recipe
Pickled Partridges Recipe

Tip: Cooking hunted partridges requires much more time, since with lead the meat contracts when it is hunted and is harder.Pour a good jet of oil into a pressure cooker, cut the partridges in half and seal them when the oil is very hot along with the garlic cloves in a jacket (with their skin). When the partridges brown, take them out and reserve

Peel and cut the potato into wide wedges , as well as the onion and fresh chives. Cut the carrot into large cross-sectional pieces. Add the greens and bay leaves to the pot where you browned the partridges and sauté for four minutes. Stir occasionally.After this time, add the chopped parsley, rosemary, thyme, paprika and pepper to the vegetable sauce. Add a touch of salt and stir. Leave one more minute .

Also pour the red wine into the pot. Let it boil for a minute and add the vinegar to pickle the partridges .

Pour the water so that a broth is formed. Bring to a boil and add the partridges. Salt test, close the pot and let it cook for half an hour over medium heat .Once the pickled partridges are done, let them rest for a while before serving them on the table. This dish can be eaten cold or hot , either way it will be delicious.If you liked the recipe for Pickled Partridges , we suggest you enter our Partridge Recipes category .

Pickled Partridge – Suggestions

Pickled Partridges Recipe

Since ancient times, pickling certain foods was very common, since it was the most effective way to make them last longer without spoiling. The large proportion of vinegar allowed the food not to spoil.

With the passage of time, this way of pickling has evolved and today it is recognized by the whole world as a specialty of Castilian-La Mancha cuisine. The pickled partridge is one of the great representatives of this tradition.To serve it in the most delicious way and show off, you can prepare your own homemade bread and accompany the dish with a make-your-own- bread salad if you want to show off this dish and a good endive and olive salad .