How to make Peruvian Chicken Stew Recipe

This recipe for Peruvian chicken stew is one of Peru’s favorite homemade dishes . In fact, many Peruvians remember this dish from their childhood with their family. For the flavor to be truly from Peru, it must have two fundamental ingredients: ají panca or Peruvian red chili paste and yellow chili paste .

Otherwise, it is a simple dish to prepare and, in general, the rest of the ingredients are easy to get: chicken, potatoes, onion, carrot and peas. In RecetasGratis we share the traditional recipe so that you can enjoy with your family a delicious and unique preparation. Read on and discover how to make Peruvian chicken stew !

How to make Peruvian Chicken Stew:

A little while before starting to cook, season the chicken pieces with salt, pepper, cumin and a grated garlic clove.  Heat the oil in a frying pan and bring the chicken to fry . Brown it very well on all sides, but it is not necessary that it is completely cooked inside, since then we will give it a second cooking.

Peruvian Chicken Stew Recipe
Peruvian Chicken Stew Recipe

In the same skillet where you sautéed the chicken, add the red onion . When it begins to crystallize, add the rest of the garlic already crushed or grated.Once the onion and garlic begin to flavor, pour in the aji panca paste . Stir well.Meanwhile, liquefy the yellow peppers with a little water and add that paste to the cooking. Mix to integrate all the flavors.

Add the broth and the chicken pieces to boil for a while.

Add the potatoes already cut and the carrot in wheels to the cooking of the chicken. Cover and let the broth reduce a little and the potatoes and carrots soften. All over medium heat. Finally, add the peas and correct the salt of the preparation. You can season with a little more spices and a bay leaf.Once the Peruvian chicken stew is ready, serve hot with white rice and enjoy.If you liked the recipe for Peruvian Chicken Stew , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category . You can also visit a selection of the best Peruvian recipes .

Peruvian chicken stew and other recipes

Peruvian Chicken Stew Recipe
Peruvian Chicken Stew Recipe

The ají panca, also known as ají especial or Peruvian red chili pepper, is an essential chili pepper in Peruvian cuisine. With the dried chili pepper they prepare a paste to season various meals. They can also buy the pasta already packaged. With this classic ingredient you can also prepare other recipes such as: