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Pea Chicken Recipe easy chicken recipe

Remembering childhood at grandmother’s house is to try again this typical Chilean dish, a Pea Chicken Recipe. The ingredients are very easy to come by, as they are basic products. In addition, it is also a simple recipe to make. This dish specifically brings together typical fresh products extracted from the field.Wondering how to make Pea Chicken Recipe ? Well, this recipe is for you. If you want to try the grandmother’s recipe for this tasty dish, don’t miss this Free Recipes article. Let’s cook!How to make pea chicken:

To start the chicken with pea juice recipe,

Pea Chicken Recipe
Pea Chicken Recipe

first you must gather all the ingredients that are needed for the preparation , in gastronomy it is called mise and place. Well, in the following photo we show you the ingredients that you should have prepared to make the Chilean Pea Chicken Recipe.Peel the garlic and remove the vein or inner sprout to lower its flavor and intensity , mince it finely and with the blade of the knife, crush until you get a kind of homemade paste.Dress the chicken with the homemade garlic paste , sea salt, cumin and pepper. Reservation.Cut the onion and reserve.

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Pea Chicken Recipe
Pea Chicken Recipe

You should do the same with the carrot , but this time cut it into slices approximately 2 mm thick.In a hot pan you must add oil and brown the chicken that you previously had marinated. Withdraw and reserve.In the same pan add the onion and carrot . Sauté for a few minutes and add the bay leaf, cumin, pepper, oregano and salt.Add the chicken and add water or chicken broth if the preparation requires it (you can also add white wine). Let it cook for approximately 20 minutes at medium temperature.Finally, we add the peas (in this recipe we have used frozen peas). Cook for about 5 minutes or until the peas are soft.

We already have Grandma’s recipe ready. What did you think of this Grandma’s recipe? Tell us about your experience in the comments!If you want to finish the meal with a delicious dessert, don’t miss this lemon dessert .If you liked the Pea Chicken Recipe , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category . You can also visit a selection of the best Chilean recipes .

With what to accompany the Pea Chicken Recipe

You can serve the hot Pea Chicken Recipe accompanied by pearl rice and as a second garnish you can add roasted potatoes with rosemary. Another typical garnish for this dish is mashed potatoes.

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