Nightingale’s song’: a bedtime story New Top Moral Stories {2021}

One day long ago, a nightingale came to the forest. He stayed on a branch, built his nest and began to make his life in that wonderful place full of rich berry trees and delicious insects. Get to know ‘The nightingale’s song’! Do you know the story of ‘The song of the nightingale’? It is an ideal story to help the child sleep. We explain it to you below.

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Song of the nightingale’

One afternoon, towards twilight, the nightingale began to sing. Her voice, liquid and pure, rose into the air, harmonious and sweet. The small animals that lived in the forest were enchanted by that vibrant music and began to put the nightingale through the roof, defining him as a great, great artist. It was surprising that such a small bird showed such great talent. However, the other birds were not very happy with the success of the nightingale. The crow was very angry and flew from log to log saying to everyone it encountered: “The nightingale an artist? But are you all stupid? Their song is weak and out of tune, it resembles that of donkeys and not heavenly music! Whoever likes it should not be very well in the head ”.

Convincing someone of something they like is not very difficult, so all the forest birds, humiliated by the ability of the nightingale, agreed with the crow and began to laugh and denigrate the nightingale. They made him the target of their most cruel taunts and told everyone they encountered that a bird had come to the forest with the braying voice of an ass. The nightingale could not defend himself: the affection and admiration shown by the other animals of the forest were not enough for him to rebel against the unjust behavior of all the birds and, therefore, hoping to appease his resentment, he no longer sang.

'The nightingale's song
‘The nightingale’s song’: a bedtime story

The story of the little bird that had a voice like that of donkeys even reached the ears of the golden eagle, who lived on the top of a mountain and who ruled all the birds in the forest. “How is it possible that in the kingdom of birds there is someone who sings badly?”, The wise queen wondered when she heard this story. And he wanted to get to the bottom of the matter. He summoned all the birds of the forest and, when he had them gathered, he sent for the little nightingale.

“Sing for me,” he said kindly, “I’d like to be the one to judge your voice.” There was an uneasy silence among those present. The nightingale looked at the eagle and then plucked up his courage and sang. The first notes came into the air light and light, and then the song gathered strength and rose very high and very clean, rich with exciting nuances and full of wonderful harmony.

The eagle listened attentively, enjoying the music and, at the same time, reflecting on it. When the nightingale finished singing, he said, “You are wonderful and your voice is superb. Obviously, you have been the victim of a horrible slander ”. He looked for the crow, which was the first to denigrate the nightingale, and invited it to sing. The poor bird opened its beak and a disagreeable, off-key voice came out of it, reminiscent of an ass braying. The eagle, with a dangerously serious expression, said:

“I am happy to know that in our kingdom there are no slanderous lies, but only the truth. There is a bird among us that has a voice very similar to the braying of an ass. It’s you, crow, that bird! I invite you, therefore, in order not to ridicule our entire kingdom, to be silent forever. As for you, nightingale, I ask you to sing whenever you want, better if it is at dusk. Your splendid voice will make peace and serenity reign among all the inhabitants of the forest ”.
Then the fair queen took flight, towards the high peaks where her secret refuge was located.