How to make Milanesa recipe stuffed with ham and cheese

How to make Milanesa stuffed with ham and cheese: Empty and scramble the 2 eggs in a deep, wide plate.Crumble the asadero cheese in a container and have the yellow cheese and ham slices ready to use.Sprinkle each fillet on both sides with pinches of salt and pepper in the amount you prefer.In case of not getting ground bread … crush in a container about 10 slices of toast or grind in the blender (as you prefer) the ground bread should be very fine like flour.

Milanesa recipe stuffed with ham and cheese
Milanesa recipe stuffed with ham and cheese

Pour some of the bread crumbs onto a large spread plate (flat plate) covering the entire plate with the bread as if it were a layer.Take a steak and put it inside the plate with egg and make sure that the fillet is covered with egg on both sides, remove it by draining the excess egg in the same plate.

Lay the steak flat on the flat plate with the bread. Now go putting ground bread on top until everything is covered with a layer.Turn the steak on the same plate, you will see that it already has ground bread on the other side, in any case check that there are no holes without ground bread and add it where necessary.

After the fillet is well covered with bread.

put it on another clean spread plate.Repeat the procedure with the other 3 fillets and veils putting them on the extended plate where you placed the first one. Put a saucepan with oil on the fire so that the oil is heated (the extended fillet must fit)

Take a steak and put in half of it a slice of ham, a slice of yellow cheese and a portion of asadero cheese and then with the other half cover the steak (it will be like a sandwich) and now check that the oil is fine hot, then put it in the saucepan so that it browns (if it is difficult for you to keep the filling from coming out, help with some wooden toothpicks) to close the fillet.

Milanesa recipe stuffed with ham and cheese 2022
Milanesa recipe stuffed with ham and cheese 2022

You are going to notice that the steak takes a golden color with the bread (but be careful not to burn it) and then when it is ready on the side that is browning, turn it to the other side to brown. Preferably put the flame of the stove low since the oil is already hot and also because apart from browning it on the outside we want it to be well browned on the inside.

And voila, your stuffed milanesas are ready! A suggestion to accompany it is with a rich rice, pasta or spaghetti and with French fries and of course, a salad (it can be a simple one like lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado and with a touch of lemon and if you like salt) If you liked the recipe for Milanesa stuffed with ham and cheese ,

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