Easy to make Microwave Fried Eggs Recipe

Fried eggs can also be prepared in the microwave and are also healthier and lighter , because we avoid using oil. With no pans to clean and no oil splashes, it is a very easy dish to prepare. Keep reading and discover with Guruwalik how to make fried eggs in the microwave .

Microwave Fried Eggs
Easy to make Microwave Fried Eggs Recipe

Ingredients to make Fried Eggs in the microwave:

  • 2 units of Egg
  • 1 pinch of salt

How to make Fried Eggs in the microwave:

Step NO 1

Eggs and salt, these are all the ingredients we need, oddly enough, to cook fried eggs .

Step NO 2

We break an egg in a bowl , ensuring that the yolk does not break. The egg will be the size of the bottom of the bowl, keep that in mind when choosing the container.

Step NO 3

Put the egg in the microwave and cook it for 30 to 45 seconds . The cooking point will always depend on the power of the appliance and the thickness of the egg, depending on the bowl used, so it is important that the last seconds of cooking are controlled five by five, stopping and opening the microwave each time to check how the egg is. With the second egg you will have it easier.

Microwave Fried Eggs Recipe
Microwave Fried Eggs Recipe

Step NO 4

Accompany the fried egg in the microwave with bread and a glass of red wine. For a more complete dish, make a green salad or cook a grilled chicken breast . And you, how do you prepare fried eggs? Leave us your comments so that at Guruwalik we can create your recipe.

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