Easy to make Mexican Corn Tortillas Recipe

Corn tortilla is a typical food of Mexican gastronomy that is consumed throughout the year, on any occasion and with almost all types of meals. Most common is to make tacos at lunchtime. Original basis for its preparation is through nixtamalized corn , which consists of cooking the corn kernels in water with lime to later form a homogeneous white-yellow dough, although nixtamalized corn flour can also be used to make dough. wheat flour, whole wheat flour and purple corn flour.

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Mexican Corn Tortillas
Easy to make Mexican Corn Tortillas Recipe

Ingredients to make Mexican corn tortillas:

  • 1 kilogram of nixtamalized corn flour to make dough
  • 1¼ liters of Water

How to make Mexican Corn Tortillas:

Step NO 1

Put the nixtamalized cornmeal in a bowl and form a volcano. Pour the water little by little and mix with your hand until you get a homogeneous mass.

Tip: If in your country you cannot get nixtamalized flour, you can use corn flour that they sell in 1kg presentations.

Step NO 2

Once we have the dough for the Mexican corn tortillas formed and ready, we let it rest for about 5 minutes. In this step you can heat a comal or non-stick pan to cook the tortillas.

Step NO 3

Once our dough has rested, form a small ball and put it in the tortilla maker , previously with some plastic so that it does not stick to us.

Mexican Corn Tortillas Recipe
Mexican Corn Tortillas Recipe

Step NO 4

Close the tortilla maker and gently compress, open and flip the tortilla to do the same on the other side to form a corn tortilla of uniform thickness.

Step NO 5

If you do not have a tortilla maker, you can help with the plastics and shape it with your hand , pressing lightly until you get a thickness of approximately 3 millimeters.

Step NO 6

Now take off one of the plastics from the Mexican corn tortilla and put it on your hand, take off the other plastic and help yourself with it to put it on the previously hot comal or skillet. When it begins to form small balls, turn it on the other side.

Step NO 7

Once you have turned the corn tortilla it will begin to inflate and that means that it is ready for you to take it out and reserve it wrapped in a cloth napkin. Continue like this until the dough is finished and do not forget to accompany your favorite food with a good Mexican corn tortilla .

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