Malabar Lottery Results 2022 – 2023 Gold Draw Today

Malabar Lottery Results is the result of a lottery that is held at the end of a month. The results are based on the performance of the lottery to determine which teams are selected for the next month. The most popular methods of determining the result include the lottery results of the previous month, the results of the previous month plus a number of random draws, and the results of the previous month plus the number of random draws.

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Malabar Lottery Results
Malabar Lottery Results

February 2023 Results

Draw Date 16-2-2021 16-2-2021 16-2-2021 16-2-2021 16-2-2021
Draw Time 10.30 AM 12.30 PM 2 PM 5 PM 7 PM
3 D Prize 263 802 781    
2 D Prize 63 02 81    
1 D Prize 3 2 1    

20 February 2022 Results

Draw Date 15-2-2021 15-2-2021 15-2-2021 15-2-2021 15-2-2021
Draw Time 10.30 AM 12.30 PM 2 PM 5 PM 7 PM
3 D Prize 169 654 871 037 594
2 D Prize 69 54 71 37 94

Malabar Lottery Results 2022

Applicants to the lucky draw must verify the winning numbers. Here, you can see if you have won prizes or not. At the time of event results will be updated and therefore users can get their lottery result and proceeds for next process. Millions of people participate in these lotteries, and each person has the same chance to win. If you want to find out if you won, please check this page for winning numbers!

Malabar State Lottery is a state lottery of Kerala and is one of the oldest ones in India. This lottery was started back in 1928 and is still in operation. Apart from Kerala, the lottery is also drawn in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. The lottery has a number of different variants, with the common ones being the Daily 3 and Daily 4.

Malabar Lottery Results 2022 Results

Malabar Lottery Results is an annual lottery that was started in the Malabar region of Kerala. Even though it is a local lottery, it is big enough that it gets national media attention. Here we take a look at the Malabar Lottery results.

Today we will look at the result of Malabar Lottery for the year 2022. Malabar Lottery Results is one of the most famous state lotteries of Kerala. Malabar Lottery Results is announced by Kerala lottery department on every Wednesday at 3 pm.

Malabar Lottery Results drawing is held at the Kerala State Lottery Office in Tripunithura, Ernakulam. The first prize winner will get a cheque of Rs.100 lakhs and the second prize winner will get Rs.20 lakhs.

Malabar Lottery Results Gold Scheme

Time 1st Prize
3 Digit 27,000
2 Digit 1000
1 Digit 100

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Malabar Lottery Results 2023
Malabar Lottery Results 2023

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Malabar Lottery Results Gold [2022]

Serial No 01 02 03 04 05
Draw Date 22/02/2021 22/02/2021 22/02/2021 22/02/2021 22/02/2021
Draw Time 10:30 AM 12:30 PM 02 PM 05 PM 07 PM
Draw No 8 8 8 8 8
3D Prize 27,000 429 264 139    
2D Prize 1,000 29 64 39    
1D Prize 100 9 4 9    

How To Check The Malabar Lottery?

Malabar Special Lotto is an exciting way of winning the big jackpot. The lottery is held on every Saturday evening at 6:30 PM. People who want to play the Malabar Lottery can check the results on the official lottery portal. You can check the Malabar Lottery results by using the lottery portal or by searching on the internet.

Malabar Lottery Results is the best way to help people in the Malabar region of Kerala win more money. Lottery day is a very enjoyable day for the people of this region and they enjoy the day very much. There are so many people who are struggling with their basic needs and they wish to be lucky to get some money. If they get some money, they will become a rich person. You can try your luck with the Malabar lottery by checking the Malabar lotteries results.

Malabar lottery is one of the famous lottery from India, which has gained popularity in the last few years due to various reason like it’s high returns, huge prizes and winners are selected only from Kerala. In this blog post, we will discuss about how to check the Malabar lottery results through online.

Malabar Lottery Results 202
Malabar Lottery Results 202

Where To Check The Malabar Lottery?

There are many people who wonder if malabar lotteries can be checked. Yes, they can be checked, you can check it on the malabar official site. All malabar lotteries have a unique number that is printed in the malabar ticket. This is the number to check in malabar official site.

This blog looks at the different locations that you can check the Malabar lottery results. When it comes to Kerala lottery results there are many who want to see the Malabar lottery results. This blog gives you information about how to see these Malabar lottery results.

Malabar Lotto Results are published by the Kerala government. The Kerala State Lotteries (Kerala Lottery) is the gaming department of the Government of the State of Kerala. It was established in the year 1955 under the Kerala State Lotteries Act, 1955. The act provides the legal framework in which the Kerala State Lotteries operates. A syndicate, composed of representatives of the Government, conduct lotteries. The agency’s objective is to enhance the financial resources of the State by means of the conduct of lotteries for the development of the State of Kerala.

Malabar Lottery Result Today- FAQs

Where to check the Malabar Lottery Result?

Many times lottery players are curious about whether or not their numbers will win them the large prize. For example, one may ask: Will my ticket match all 5 winning numbers? We can’t give you a straight answer because that would be tampering with the process, but we’ll tell you what we do know and how you can use it to gauge your chances of winning.

At what time will the Malabar Lottery Result Come Out?

Malabar lottery will be drawn at 5 different times corresponding to the date of the draw in question.

As is the case for seeing actors’ tresses on screen or hearing about their latest endeavors, there is hardly a dull moment in India when it comes to guessing who has scooped the Malabar lotteries.

What Is Malabar Lottery?

One of the most popular lotteries, the MBLB organizes 3 daily draws such as 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM. 02.00 PM for its players across the country through a scratch card that can be purchased by interested participants in physical shops or online. As an added attraction, the lottery also runs a special draw with 4 superior prizes every week in which its participants’ names will be announced on their official website

How To Participate In The Malabar Lottery?

As participants in the Malabarlot Lottery, you need to check with officials and make sure that you have your tickets because without them, you won’t be able to get the results off of our website.The most important part is they should know they have to buy the Malabar lotteries ticket. Once

How Is The Malabar Lottery Draw Conducted?

The participants should collect their lottery tickets and once the results are out you can check them on the official website. If the results match with yours, then you have won! Here at this latest lotto scam, we realize that everybody will be definitely tempted to buy a ticket since there are big prizes of millions but sadly nobody is going to win – this is why we need you as a participant in order to make our business venture successful.

What is the prize money for the Malabar Lottery?

1st Winner- Rs. 27,000/-
2nd Winner-Rs. 1,000/-
3rd Winner- Rs. 100/-

How To Check The Malabar Lottery?

If the participants want to find out if they won anything in The Malabar Lottery, they will need to follow this step-by-step guide. Participants can find the website where they can check their tickets here. This article will cover how to see the results for this lottery draw .

You need to first visit the Malabarlot Lotteries official website
Then, you need to click the Today’s Result Button
Try and locate the Malabarlot Lottery Results and Draw Date: 07-04-2022
You will find a PDF link for getting the Malabarlot Result.
Finally, you can check your lottery number.
Find whether you are lucky enough to win the lottery.