Lettuce Omelette Recipe with Thermomix

The omelets with eggs are a traditional, quick and easy dish to make, a simple solution to a dinner or breakfast. If you want to innovate with tortillas, follow this step by step and use your thermomix to cook a delicious lettuce omelette . In addition to a sansa and healthy recipe, it is an ideal way to get the little ones to start eating lettuce. Go ahead and prepare the lettuce omelette with thermomix with Guruwalik.

Ingredients to make lettuce omelette recipe with Thermomix:

  • ½ unit of romaine lettuce
  • 6 units of Egg
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 pinch of Pepper
Lettuce Omelette Recipe with Thermomix
Lettuce Omelette Recipe with Thermomix

How to make lettuce omelette with Thermomix:

Step NO 1

The lettuce omelette is very easy to make and more if you have a thermomix at home. The first thing you have to do is lightly chop the lettuce and place it in the glass along with the garlic. Blend everything for 10 seconds at speed 4.

Step NO 2

Next, add all the eggs and mix for 1 minute on speed 5. Then add a little salt and pepper and taste the mixture to correct the seasoning if necessary.

Lettuce Omelette Recipe with Thermomix
Lettuce Omelette Recipe with Thermomix

Step NO 3

Finally, cook the omelette in a traditional way. Heat a drop of oil in a not very large non-stick pan and add the mixture, after a few minutes turn the omelette with the help of a flat plate and finish cooking.

Step NO 4

This lettuce omelette with thermomix is ideal to make children start eating vegetables. Its flavor is smooth and very similar to an asparagus omelette. You can accompany it with a little toast and serve with a fruit smoothie .

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