How to make Lemon marinated chicken recipe

Chicken lemon is a tasty and light dish, great for a simple dinner at home, and also very apañado for lunch box office. It is very easy to prepare, although there is a waiting time for the marinade. Stay at  and learn how to easily cook this delicious chicken recipe .

How to make Lemon Marinated Chicken:

For this lemon marinated chicken dish , you can opt for chicken breasts or tenderloins. The marinade will be done with the lemon and also with a little oil and rosemary.We chop the chicken sirloin fillets and season them. In a bowl we mix a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and the juice of a whole lemon with the rosemary.

Lemon marinated chicken recipe
Lemon marinated chicken recipe

Add the lemon, oil and rosemary dressing to the chicken, so that the meat is practically submerged in this marinade. We add two lemon slices for an extra flavor contribution. Now we will let the meat marinate with the lemon in the fridge, preferably for about eight hours, or you prepare it at noon and leave it until dinner time. When the meat is marinated, we will cook the lemon chicken in the oven , keeping the marinade dressing. Cooking for 15 minutes at 190ºC will be enough.

Serve the lemon marinated chicken dish.

Lemon marinated chicken recipe 2022
Lemon marinated chicken recipe 2022

A dish specially prepared for those who have to take care of their diet and do not want to lose good taste and good food.Wrap each of the chicken breasts with pressure , ideally this is done so that when sealing they do not lose their shape. with a little brown rice and, if you like lemon a lot, take advantage of the lemon and rosemary broth to dress the rice. If you like this recipe, we advise you to also try the Chinese-style lemon chicken .If you liked the Lemon Marinated Chicken recipe ,

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