How to make Lemon Chicken Skewers Recipe

This time we will learn how to make lemon chicken skewers, a healthy recipe, ideal for those who are on a diet, since chicken breast does not have a lot of fat and we will cook it on the grill. These chicken skewers are very easy to prepare and you can also include them in the children’s diet since the flavor that the lemon gives to the chicken is irresistible. discover step by step how to make chicken skewers, perfect to eat at lunchtime.

How to make Lemon Chicken Kabobs:

Before making the chicken skewers, the first step is to get all the ingredients ready . In a bowl add the chicken cut into small pieces, the chicken seasoning, the lemon juice, salt and pepper. Mix everything very well and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Tip: If you wish you can assemble the chicken skewers and cook them on a grill, although the way I explain it they cook faster.

Lemon Chicken Skewers Recipe
How to make Lemon Chicken Skewers Recipe

In a frying pan with oil, add the chicken marinated with the lemon and cook over medium heat until golden. When there are 5 minutes until the chicken is ready, in the center of the pan add the onion cut into slices and cook until golden brown, season with salt and pepper.

Finally, assemble the lemon chicken skewers.

Lemon Chicken Skewers Recipe 2022
How to make Lemon Chicken Skewers Recipe 2022

Interspersing them with the onion, this recipe is perfect to enjoy at lunch time accompanied by some potato skins . If you liked this light recipe, have any comments or concerns, give us your opinion. If you liked the recipe for Lemon Chicken Skewers ,

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