Kerala Lottery Weekly Chart Result 2022 KL Chart Today Monthly Weekly Results

Indian government is planning to launch a new lottery called the Swachhata Hi Seva which will be used to boost the cleanliness efforts across India. What do you think of this idea? Do you think it is a good way to promote sustainable development? How do you think the lottery should be run?

Everyone loves having fun, and everyone loves winning. In Kerala, India, owning a lottery ticket used to be a fun activity, but now owning a lottery ticket has turned in to a profitable business. What has been overlooked is the fact that a well-placed lottery ticket can be a great investment as well. This blog will introduce you to lottery charts for kerala pools.

Kerala Lottery Weekly Chart Result
Kerala Lottery Weekly Chart Result

As a single person, you’re going to have a lot of expenses – each week, you have to pay the rent and bills. You also need to buy food and other essentials so that you don’t have to worry when payday is approaching. But still, you need to save some money, and you need to do it in a smart way.

What is the Kerala Lottery?

Kerala state has its own lottery known as the Kerala lottery. There are a lot of people who participate in these lotteries and are looking to win big. This blog will cover what the Kerala lottery is, how the lottery works and how you can participate in the lottery.

Kerala lottery is the biggest of the lotteries in India. It is only second in size to the huge Mumbai lottery. This is a blog about what the Kerala lottery is and why tickets sell so well.

Kerala is the part of India in the far south. The population is mainly Hindu and the main language is Malayalam. It is a beautiful state and, according to some, the most beautiful part of India. The Kerala lottery is the result of some changes that made a lottery more attractive to people in the south. They also changed how the lottery is played.

What are the various Kerala Lottery Draws conducted each week?

Kerala Lottery is one of the most sought-after lotteries in the country, thanks to the staggering jackpots and the amazing prizes the lottery offers. Kerala Lottery Organizers conduct a lot of lottery draws on a weekly basis. This blog is all about the Kerala Lottery Draws which are conducted by the Kerala Lottery Organizers, who are the TBI Kerala Lottery, SBT Kerala Lottery, Kerala State lotteries and Kerala State Lotteries Online.

Interested to know how Kerala state lotteries are conducted? Want to know the times of live draws? Want to know the number of drawings conducted by Kerala State Lotteries each week? Want to know the result of the Kerala lottery? Want to know the number of winners at each Kerala Lottery? This blog has every information you need to know about Kerala Lottery draws.

There are 16 Kerala lottery draws conducted every week. These are for different types of lotteries, for example, the Kerala State Lotteries, Kerala State Sweater Lotteries, Kerala State Rama Lotteries and so on. This blog will talk about the different types of Kerala Lottery draws that are conducted in a week.
A blog on the different types of Kerala State Lotteries.

What is the Kerala Lottery Result?

Kerala State Lottery is a lottery organized by the state government of the state of Kerala, India. The lottery is organized by the Kerala State Lottery department and the Kerala State Casinos department. This blog looks at the history of the Kerala lottery, the Kerala lottery results, how to play the Kerala lottery, and how to win the Kerala lottery.

Nearly every month, people from all over India wait with full enthusiasm for the Kerala Lottery Result. The draw of this lottery conducted by Kerala Government has people coming back every month to check their numbers. The Kerala lottery was introduced in the year 1964. The Kerala lottery has six different weekly lotteries in addition to two seasonal lotteries.

Kerala Lottery Result Chart 2022 Today Live {Out} Download KL Chart 2023

1st Prize  
Consolidated Prize  
2nd Prize  
3rd Prize  
4th Prize  
5th Prize  
6th Prize  
7th Prize  
8th prize Will Live On 2022-23

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Next Kerala Lottery Result

1st Prize SG 139935 NEYYATTINKARA
Consolidated Prize SA 139935 SB 139935
SC 139935 SD 139935
SE 139935 SF 139935
SH 139935 SJ 139935
SK 139935 SL 139935
SM 139935
2nd Prize SM 217953 KOTTAYAM
3rd Prize 0728 3198 5568 6517 4794 5010
3341 1825 7242 1354 7413 9386
1237 4527 8774 3516 4611 6270
4th Prize 6039 2994 7992 2123 9685 2082
9192 6740 5017 2064
5th Prize 5026 8984 2692 7611 0146 3261
2148 3726 0012 5810 3302 0827
9727 0038 2438 8611 3887 6420
7929 6188
6th Prize 0109 0202 0216 0396 0692 1091
1112 1325 1348 1353 2061 21555
2255 2388 2635 2659 2690 3784
3826 3834 4119 4829 5016 5076
5514 5582 5860 5997 6037 6041
6136 6347 6376 6868 7022 7457
7902 7972 8103 8131 8186 8271
8569 8638 8656 9013 9202 9297
9447 9511 9687 9907
7th Prize 0409 0498 0700 1302 1626 2086
2130 2442 2595 2649 2949 3496
3522 3616 3939 3972 4117 4239
4366 4949 5023 5064 5213 5482
5592 5660 5881 6100 6501 6609
7150 7408 7480 7899 8087 8152
8857 8900 8989 9052 9151 9452
9871 9929 9985
8th prize 0050 0086 0110 0325 0344 0360
0378 0502 0611 0621 0628 0837
0933 0962 0984 1084 1248 1313
1406 1472 1502 1515 1528 1568
1588 1919 2030 2129 2133 2268
2316 2352 2429 2431 2453 2482
2508 2535 2541 2623 2724 2834
3029 3038 3149 3190 3234 3245
3364 3488 3755 3847 3884 3934
3946 3954 4198 4213 4293 4465
4498 4605 4678 4786 4834 4911
4982 5066 5147 5216 5311 54114
5489 5563 5622 5742 5801 5825
6027 6090 6110 6301 6401 64111
6484 6553 6569 6604 6707 6713
6794 6869 6915 6928 7052 71557
7181 7202 7318 7632 7768 7818
8020 8034 8112 8301 8653 8687
8837 8980 9009 9185 9250 9358
9366 9377 9426 9512 9558 9564
9599 9654 9861 9874 9951

Importance of Lottery for Kerala Economy

Kerala is a state that is known for its land and sea beauty, historical places, and amazing festivities and culture. The state has always been a rich place and has been supporting the Kerala culture and economy by providing the people with job opportunities, entertainment, and more. The Kerala lottery is one of the main reasons that help this state run successfully. The lottery and the government in Kerala both have contributed to the increased revenue, which is helpful for the people and the economy.

Kerala Lottery Result
Kerala Lottery Result

Kerala continues to be a major market for lottery products. The increased income from lottery sales is having a positive impact on the economy of Kerala. The importance of the lottery industry can be gauged from the fact that it has been a major source of revenue for the state over the years. Kerala lottery business has been around for several years, and it continues to be one of the top contributors to the state’s revenue. The impact of the lottery business on the state’s economy is reflected in the larger figures for the state. According to a survey done by Kerala government in 2011.

It is hard to find a state in India that is as dependent on lottery revenue as Kerala. The state receives a large amount of money from lottery revenue and is planning to invest that revenue into different projects. This blog looks at how important the lottery industry is to Kerala.

Kerala Lottery Weekly Chart 2022 – 2023

Kerala Lottery Samayam Weekly Chart for the week commencing on June 14, 2018. This lottery chart can be used to find out the winning numbers for the next week. For more information on the topic, check our blog on Kerala Lottery Weekly Chart. Charts show us a trend that we can invest on and make profits. The Kerala lottery is also one such chart that we can predict. The Kerala lottery weekly chart will show the trends of the Kerala lottery.

Kerala lottery weekly chart for the week of January 22, 2018 has been released by Kerala lottery department on Friday. This weekly chart consists of 24 main numbers from 1 to 50. Apart from these, there are 26 special numbers, 21 super special numbers, 4 mega special numbers and 2 lucky star numbers.

Kerala lottery weekly chart 2018 is published weekly on Malayala Manorama, a Kerala-based Malayalam-language daily newspaper, since the year 1982 at present by Kerala State Lotteries Department, Department of Public Instructions and Krishi Bhavan, Tripunithura, Cochin-682022. The chart contains the prizes for the current and previous week as well as the upcoming week.

Before the Kerala Lottery weekly chart 2018 is released, the results of the Kerala lottery will be kept hidden for a period of 1-2 days. People who are involved in Kerala lottery business will consider this period as a time of ‘Lottery Broker’. This period is also known as the ‘Lottery Game’. To make the most of this time, the Kerala lottery results will be published on this blog.

Latest Kerala Lottery Result Kl Chart Live Today 2022 –

Kerala Lottery Result Chart 2022 – 2023 Kerala Lottery Result Chart Date 2022 – 2023 Kerala Lottery Result Chart 2022 View
Kerala Result Chart (SS-307) 2022 5/4/2022 View
Kerala Result Chart (W-662) 2022 04/04/2022 View
Kerala Result Chart  (W-661) 2022 3/04/2022 View
Kerala Result Chart (KR-543) 2022 2/4/2022 View
Kerala Result Chart (NR-270) 2022 1/4/2022 View
Kerala Result Chart (KN-414) 2022 31/3/2022 View
Kerala Result Chart (AK-542) 2022 30/3/2022 View
Kerala Result Chart (KR-542) 2022 26/3/2022 View
Kerala Result Chart (NR-269) 2022 25/3/2022 View
Kerala Result Chart (KN-413) 2022 24/3/2022 View
Kerala Result Chart (AK-541) 2022 23/3/2022 View
Kerala Result Chart (SS-305) 2022 22/3/2022 View
Kerala Result Chart (W-660) 2022 21/03/2022 View
Kerala Lottery Result Chart (BR-84) 2022 20/3/2022 View
Kerala Lottery Result Chart (KR-541) 2022 19/3/2022 View
Kerala Lottery Result Chart (NR-268) 2022 18/3/2022 View
Kerala Lottery Result Chart (KN-412) 2022 17/3/2022 View

Kerala Lottery Tips and Predictions – Weekly Chart

Kerala Lottery is one of the most important lottery games in the world where huge cash prizes are offered. Lottery tips and predictions are published by different people and organizations on a weekly basis. In this article, I will look at the information published in the last two weeks and try to predict Mega Millions Results for this week (3rd May 2018).

Lottery tips and predictions will show you how to win the lottary. Lottery tips and predictions help you analyze the numbers that show up most in the lottary. This information is used to help you in deciding which lucky number to play in the lottary.

Kerala Lottery Tips and Predictions
Kerala Lottery Tips and Predictions

You can find Kerala Lottery tips and predictions on this page. It provides chart, number frequency, pattern and tips of last week Saturday Kerala lottery. Every week after the Kerala Lottery results we will here discuss Kerala Lottery results. We will discuss the upcoming Kerala Lottery weekly chart and also analyze each lottery tips and predictions provided by our team.

When was the first Kerala Lottery Draw conducted?

The State of Kerala is part of India’s Southern region. The first Kerala lottery draw took place on November 20, 1955. Kerala’s first lottery draw was conducted by the government of Travancore – Cochin. Before this draw, the government of Travancore – Cochin had conducted raffle draw for its public works. The first Kerala lottery results were announced on December 12, 1955. The first Kerala lottery result was announced by the then Chief Minister of Travancore – Cochin, late Sri. R. Sankar of one of the most popular political parties in

Kerala state lotteries has been around since the times of the British Malabar Ceded. The British Malabar Ceded was a precursor to the state of Kerala, which was formed in 1957 with Kozhikode as the capital. The first Kerala lottery draw took place in 1967, with the first Kerala lottery draw being conducted by the Maharajas (kings) of the former princely state of Kochi.


The Kerala Lottery is held every week on every Thursday evening by Kerala State Lotteries Department, at its head office inErnakulam. Various Kerala Lottery Draws which are conducted every week are “Kerala State Lotteries Daily 3-Digit Supplement”, “Kerala State Lotteries Daily 4-Digit Subsidiary”, “Kerala State Lotteries 3-Digit Main”, “Kerala State Lotteries 3-Digit


How To Check Kerala Lottery Result Chart KL Chart 2022?

The Direct Link To Check Kerala Lottery Result Chart 2022 Is Given In This Post.

What Is The Kerala Lottery Price 2023?

The Price Of Weekly Tickets Worth Rs.20/, Rs. 30/- Rs. 50/- And Bumper Tickets Worth Rs.100/-And Rs. 200/-.

What Is The Prize Claim 2022 -2023?

50,000 & 1,00,000

Kerala Lottery Is Trustworthy?

Yes It Is.

Is Kerala Lottery Result Chart 2022 Update Daily?

Yes We Do.