How to Make Juicy Homemade Turkey Luncheon Recipe

This juicy homemade turkey cold cuts is very easy to make and above all, it does not contain starch, sugar, colorants or flavor enhancers 100%, with which, it is a turkey cold cuts without additives, that is not fattening, very healthy and Above all, made in a traditional way, ideal for any time of the day. You can even go for the cold meat of turkey on the grill and take it as a main dish for example. Keep reading the steps that we share in Free Recipes and remember that you can follow this same recipe if you want to make a cold meat chicken instead of turkey without problems.

How to Make Juicy Homemade Turkey Luncheon:

Open the breast for the homemade boiled turkey cold cuts that we are going to prepare and marinate it on both sides (the species can be varied according to the taste of each one).Tip: You can perfectly make the same cold meat recipe using the breasts of this other bird.

Juicy Homemade Turkey Luncheon Recipe
Juicy Homemade Turkey Luncheon Recipe

Wrap the juicy homemade cold cuts in parchment paper, so that nothing comes loose by pressing very well.We wrap the turkey meat in two plastic bags and tie it with a rope, or as I did not have it, and I put a rubber band on it. Then we put the homemade turkey meat to cook in water, covering it completely with water and a spoon of salt. Let the boiled turkey breast cook for 30 – 45 minutes. Then remove from the water, let it drain and cool.

Cut and serve the turkey cold cuts without additives into slices

Juicy Homemade Turkey Luncheon Recipe
Turkey Luncheon Recipe

Prepare whatever you want with it. You can make for example a turkey wrap or a turkey sandwich with apple for example.Tip: Remember that this turkey meat is very fattening since it only has 104 kcal in 100 grams of product.If you liked the recipe for Juicy Homemade Turkey Luncheon ,

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