Huawei matepad pro Pro 5G arrives to compete with iPad Pro

With high-end hardware and great features associated with its software, in addition to digital pen, can Huawei compete in tablet market with Apple’s iPad Pro? We tell you everything new about MatePad Pro 5G. We already know Huawei’s new MatePad Pro 5G, a device that has been presented along with  rest of  brand’s news, such as  foldable Huawei Mate Xs , or  MateBook X Pro laptop .

Although, in its previous generation,  MediaPad was a mid-range tablet , with this new launch Huawei takes a giant step to offer a superior user experience and performance that elevates it to  high range associated with Mate phones and laptops. It has its merit to see how a traditional manufacturer of Android devices,

Very focused on smartphones , makes its way into both premium laptops and manufacture of competitive tablets , an area that until now has been dominated by Samsung and Apple. That said, we wonder if Huawei has done enough to be able to compete with  tablet most desired by creatives and artists, which is none other than  popular iPad Pro range. Let’s see.

huawei matepad pro
Huawei matepad pro Pro 5G arrives to compete with iPad Pro

High-end hardware Huawei matepad pro

Once you have it in hand,  MatePad Pro 5G presents a light and elegant design, with a magnesium alloy frame with matte finishes that offers resistance to possible drops or bumps and that facilitates grip during handling.

To give you an idea,  thickness of  bezels is 4.9 mm compared to 8.3 mm that you will find in  entire range of current iPad Pro. There is also a perforated camera in  upper right corner of  screen, something new in an Android tablet and also iOS.

IFnclusion of 5G connectivity implies important changes in its design, but very well resolved by Huawei. It has 22 antennas built into its interior, all located within  frame, with a frankly clean appearance in its design. Tablet offers a 10.8-inch screen diagonal with practically non-existent bezels, in addition to a screen-to-body ratio that reaches 90% of its surface, something that is impressive compared to other solutions from  competition.

Display panel Huawei matepad pro

Display panel is OLED and has a so-called WQHD resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels with support for DCI-P3 cinematic color, which is what Huawei calls ‘cinema-quality color on your tablet ‘. You will appreciate that MatePad Pro 5G is backed by a four-speaker setup, tuned by H&K and a wide-width speaker with which it is possible to guarantee a great listening experience.

Inside and at  specification level, it contemplates a Kirin 990 5G chip together with a Da-Vinci NPU that enhances artificial intelligence experiences, and accompanied in  graphics area of ​​ Mali G76 GPU to face  execution of high-end games and productivity applications.

It is  same chip that  current Mate 30 Pro carry, as well as  Mate Xs, so you can expect an enviable performance within what are  current tablets. Add a keyboard to  MatePad Pro and you will see that you have a device to create content.

Series of reasons that we can well compare  MatePad Pro with  current iPad Pro

It is for this series of reasons that we can well compare  MatePad Pro with  current iPad Pro, as long as you accompany it with suitable accessories. You will find that Huawei has for this a keyboard as a cover and that it charges wirelessly.

huawei matepad pro 2022
huawei matepad pro 2022

Something similar happens with  M-Pencil,  digital pen that you can use together with  tablet and that will allow you to draw in a similar way as you would with a Surface Pro.  sleeve allows you to place  laptop in  form of a lectern.

Much software but no Google Play Store Huawei matepad pro

MatePad Pro 5G runs an open source version of Android 10 in addition to  usual EMUI 10 customization layer in Huawei’s products.  highlight here is app that Huawei calls App Multiplier that allows vertical or horizontal orientation of countless applications.

And is that many of  Android applications do not take advantage of  horizontal orientation offered by tablets because most people use applications of smartphones with vertical orientation. Although it seems that at  moment there are few applications that take advantage of this new technology of modes of use, around 1000, from Huawei say that developers are now adopting it in a massive way.

Screen mirror Huawei matepad pro

There is also option to mirror  screen of your Huawei smartphone on this tablet , which allows you to respond to text messages, access specific applications for smartphone and more without having to pick up smartphone . We also liked  Multi-Window functionality, a feature similar to that of  iPad that allows users to run two applications simultaneously, side by side, dynamically resizing  slice.

Huawei’s AppGallery 

Now, we cannot ignore that  MatePad Pro 5G suffers from  same problem as other Huawei devices at  moment; there is no access to Google Play. You can download apps through Huawei’s AppGallery, but it falls short of Google’s option. Silver lining is that you can install Amazon App Store via APK without following guides or using shady software , providing access to a handful of popular apps like Facebook or Instagram.

Thus, in absence of being able to test this new product, we have to say that you will not find productivity applications that are present in iPad Pro, such as Photoshop, Word, or iMovie among many others. This severely limits functionality of MatePad Pro 5G in what we imagine could be a typical work environment that goes beyond web browsing, email management, or social media handling.

Another alternative could have been that Huawei chose to include Windows 10 operating system instead of Google’s Android, in order to access Windows ecosystem, but this is something that only Huawei can answer. In meantime, you might be interested in checking out article on best tablets of , a list that this MediaPad Pro 5G can probably access once we’ve put it to test by our experts.