How to make Matilda Cake Recipe

It is remembered by all the scene of the movie Matilda where the headmistress of the school challenges Bruce to eat a giant cake while his classmates cheer him on the chorus of “Bruce, Bruce” when they see that he cannot continue. In this image we can see a moist chocolate cake that,  we will teach you how to prepare “with blood and sweat”.

Matilda cake is one of the most famous because of the scene that we have just told, but also because of how delicious it is. Would you like to surprise someone with this dessert? Read on to find out how Matilda cake is made .

How to make Matilda Cake:

To start preparing this delicious Matilda cake, mix the sugar with the flour and cocoa , the baking powder and the pinch of salt.Tip: to get a fluffier cake, sift the flour and cocoa.Add the egg and the melted butter . Then add the hot coffee and milk and beat the mixture. It will be somewhat runny, but don’t worry, this is what will make it so wet.

Matilda Cake Recipe
Matilda Cake Recipe

Grease a 16 cm diameter mold with oil or butter and cocoa. Also preheat the oven to medium temperature, that is, to 180 ºC.Tip: you can also use flour for the mold, but keep in mind that the cake will be white when you unmold it. Pour the preparation into the mold and cook it in the oven for 25 minutes.

You will notice that the cake is cooked if when you prick it, no remains of the preparation remain on the toothpick or knife. Let it cool.Once cold, cut the cake into 3 layers to form the Matilda cake.

Mix the dulce de leche and the chocolate .

If your chocolate is not soft, melt it in the microwave in 20 second intervals, stirring it until completely melted, or in a double boiler.Spread the layers of your Matilda cake with the chocolate and dulce de leche filling as you layer them .Once finished, cover it and reserve it in the fridge so that the layers finish settling and you can enjoy it cold.

We recommend accompanying it with a bitter infusion because this cake is very sweet and chocolatey. Tell us what you think about the Matilda cake recipe in the comments.If you liked the recipe for Torta Matilda , we suggest you enter our category of Cake Recipes .

How to decorate the Matilda cake

How to decorate the Matilda cake 2022
How to decorate the Matilda cake 2022

If you want to present the Matilda cake for birthdays or it seems that it does not have enough chocolate, you can cover the cake with the same preparation of the filling or chocolate ganache . Likewise, you can prepare a whipped cream if you want to give it a different look. If the cream is white, you can add a little food coloring to tint it and get a cake of the color that you like the most. Here are some simple toppings: