How to make Free-range Chicken Recipe

This time we are going to make a delicious and very easy chicken recipe . To do this, we must bear in mind that we must first marinate the chicken and, finally, coat it to be able to fry it in plenty of oil. Appetizing right? Let’s see the steps that  we teach you to prepare this exquisite free-range chicken , you will not want to stop doing it!

How to make free-range chicken:

First step in making this Free-range Chicken Recipe is to pre-list the ingredients.In a bowl we must mix all the ingredients of the marinade .Add cold water little by little , the idea is to obtain a compact paste that is neither too thick nor too clear. The ideal is to obtain a mixture like the one seen in the photograph.

Free-range Chicken Recipe
Free-range Chicken Recipe

Add the chicken breast in squares and the chicken thighs if we are also using this piece. Let the chicken marinate and put it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes or 1 hour so that it soaks up the aromas. Now we are going to make the second batter . To do this, we must mix the ingredients that are on the list in a separate bowl.

Once the chicken pieces are marinated.

Pass each one of them through the second batter but first add a little salt to taste. Take a pan with enough oil to fry, once hot add the chicken pieces and fry on each side . Remove the crispy chicken to a plate with absorbent paper to remove excess fat from our recipe.

Free-range Chicken Recipe 2022
Free-range Chicken Recipe 2022

Serve the free -range chicken recipe with any sauce of your choice, such as barbecue or curry sauce . If you want more recipes with chicken and you have any comments or concerns, write to us. Enjoy! If you liked the Chicken free-range recipe ,

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