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How to make Easy Stewed Rabbit Recipe

This rabbit with olives and dried peppers is simply a delight. If you want to make an easy stewed rabbit, this recipe is for you, the original idea was my grandmother who prepared it with dried tomatoes, but I decided to innovate and replace these with peppers, also dried, and the result has been fantastic. Go ahead and get to work.

How to make Easy Stewed Rabbit:

The first thing to do is mark the rabbit . To do this, heat a pan with a little oil and place the rabbit until golden brown on all sides. Reservation.Use the same pan and sauté the onion and paprika . Cut the onion finely and the paprika into more or less large pieces.

Easy Stewed Rabbit Recipe
Easy Stewed Rabbit Recipe

When the vegetables are tender, return the rabbit to the pan and bathe the entire preparation with the white wine and tomato sauce . Cook over medium low heat for a few minutes.Finally, add the olives to the pan and season with all the seasonings to taste, cover the pan and cook for 5 minutes.

Serve the stewed rabbit

Easy Stewed Rabbit Recipe 2022
Easy Stewed Rabbit Recipe 2022

Accompanied with a little white rice and good rosé wine. This healthy and light meal is perfect for lunch or dinner. And remember that if you liked this dish you can find many more in my blog My Salty World .If you liked the Easy Stewed Rabbit recipe ,

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