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How to make Christmas Turkey Recipe

Christmas turkey is one of those special dishes, that although they take a slow preparation, we must know how to do it. Christmas is a family time and there is nothing better than sharing over dinner, so follow the step by step of this Christmas recipe and learn how to prepare a delicious stuffed turkey.

How to make Christmas Turkey:

The first thing you should do is wash the turkey very well . Clean the entire interior well, then leave it very dry and spread all the bird with salt and pepper to taste. Tie the legs and wings in the traditional way.Place the turkey in a large enough pot and boil in water with a little salt for a few minutes. Then drain and reserve.

Christmas Turkey Recipe
Christmas Turkey Recipe

To make the turkey filling , first cut all the vegetables and bacon finely.When you have everything, make a garlic and onion sauce. After a few minutes add the chopped bacon and when it browns add the meat and continue cooking. A few minutes before the meat is done, add the ham, almonds, raisins, apple and celery. Then add the Sherry and let it boil until everything is cooked.In addition, with a kitchen injector, prick the turkey and introduce the white wine into its meat. Then untie the legs and wings and fill the inside of the bird with the previous meat preparation.

When the turkey is well stuffed, tie the legs and wings again.

Place it on a cookie sheet and then wrap everything in aluminum foil.Tip: If you want, you can put a bed of pineapple slices on the tray, this will keep the turkey juicy and give it a delicious bittersweet touch.To cook the turkey, take it to a preheated oven at 180-200ÂșC for approximately five hours . The calculation is one hour per kilo.

Christmas Turkey Recipe 2022
Christmas Turkey Recipe 2022

Check the turkey every hour and bathe it in its own juice. If once it is getting dry you can add a little water or more white wine.To finish, when the turkey is well cooked, remove the aluminum foil and leave it a couple more minutes to brown well. The Christmas turkey is one of the most representative dishes of these holidays, you can accompany it with the typical Christmas salad or a good piece of ham bread .If you liked the Christmas Turkey recipe ,

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