How to make Chicken recipe with baked mayonnaise

Mayonnaise home is not just a sauce to spice serving fries or meat and cooked; we can also use it as a garnish! And if we mix it with mustard, success is more than assured! This is the case of this recipe for chicken with baked mayonnaise, for which we have mixed both sauces and added lemon, garlic and spices that can be modified to taste. If you like the idea, keep reading and learn in Free Recipes how to prepare baked chicken with mayonnaise .

How to make Baked Chicken with Mayonnaise:

First, we place the chicken thighs on a baking sheet , season to taste, add the crushed garlic cloves, the lemon zest and the juice.Tip: Remove the skin from the thighs if you want to reduce the amount of fat in the recipe.We add the mayonnaise and mustard , and mix well so that all the thighs are impregnated with all the flavors. Let it rest for 15-20 minutes.

Chicken recipe with baked mayonnaise
Chicken recipe with baked mayonnaise

Although it is a very popular recipe in some regions of the world, it is still an unknown dish for many, and thanks to amada we can learn how to prepare it.After time, we bake the chicken with mayonnaise and mustard in the oven preheated to 200 ºC, for 30 minutes. It is important that we monitor the recipe to prevent them from remaining and, above all, turn them over halfway through cooking.

When this has a thicker texture and takes on an ocher yellow .

Chicken recipe with baked mayonnaise 2022
Chicken recipe with baked mayonnaise 2022

When the meat is browned, we serve it immediately. We can taste this delicious chicken with baked mayonnaise accompanied by roasted potatoes , white rice or an avocado salad . If you wish, you can make this same recipe with breasts, obtaining delicious chicken breasts with baked mayonnaise. If you liked the recipe for Chicken with baked mayonnaise ,

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