How to make Beer Chicken Recipe

If you don’t know how to make this beer chicken and you want to surprise your guests with a simple, practical, inexpensive and scrumptious dish, take a look at this easy step-by-step beer chicken recipe because without a doubt , it will not leave you indifferent.I assure you that although it seems a little elaborate dish, this beer chicken stewed with mushrooms that we share in FreeRecipes is better than you imagine and its flavor will surprise you more than anything. Of course, I recommend that before serving it cut a few slices of bread to be able to dip it in the sauce because it is to die for! You will see, if you try this chicken stew with beer , you will not hesitate every time you have to cook something for when people come to eat at your house.

How to make Beer Chicken:

We wash the chicken pieces well and season them. Next, we put a drizzle of oil in a pot and brown the meat over medium heat . It is only a matter of marking it so that later the easy beer chicken is tastier, so do not worry if now the meat is raw that we will finish cooking it later.

Beer Chicken Recipe
Beer Chicken Recipe

Meanwhile we peel and cut the onions into feathers and the minced garlic. At the same time, we can fry the mushrooms in a separate pan to speed up the process of making canned beer chicken, since in this way, we do not have to wait for the meat to finish browning and then the vegetables to do it. Tip: You can perfectly fry the mushrooms together with the onions and garlic but I have preferred to save time and do it separately.

Once all the chicken pieces have been browned

we reserve them on a separate plate and add the onion and chopped garlic in the same pan. Stir well to deglaze the bottom of the pot and let the sauce simmer until the onion is almost caramelized. Tip: Add a little more oil to the sauce if necessary. Tip: If you don’t like to find the minced pieces in the chicken stew with beer, it is better that you crush the almonds with the electric mincer to make them finer.

In the meantime, we can peel the almonds, toast them and chop them with a mortar or, failing that, in an electric mincer.Once the onion is almost caramelized and the mushrooms are well fried, we add the latter to the pot along with the golden chicken and stir for a few minutes to mix the flavors well.Tip: Remember to add the juices that the fried chicken may have released on the plate where you had reserved it to add more flavor.

Then we add the chopped almonds and mix.

For a few more minutes. The mince you put on the beer chicken with mushrooms can be made from other nuts but always better if they are toasted and not raw.We turn the heat up to maximum, add the beer and the stock concentrate tablet to the pot and mix. When we see that it starts to boil, we lower the heat to a minimum and cook the homemade beer chicken for about 20 minutes.Tip: It is plenty of time for the alcohol in the beer to evaporate, so this dish is suitable for all ages.

Beer Chicken Recipe 2022
Beer Chicken Recipe 2022

After that time, we check that the chicken with beer is well done. Then we dissolve the cornstarch in the glass of cold water and add it while stirring to thicken the sauce of the chicken stewed with beer. Cook everything for another 5 minutes and turn off the heat. Tip: So that lumps do not form, it is better that the water where you dissolve the cornstarch is cold and when adding it, do not stop stirring until it begins to thicken.We let the beer chicken rest for a few minutes in the pot until it warms up a bit and we can serve it. If you liked the recipe for Chicken with beer ,

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