How to make Honey Chicken Recipe

Chicken is known and used all over the world, there are so many chicken recipes that it would be almost impossible to list them right here. This is so because of the chicken absolutely everything is used. This fact, added to its versatility to cook it, make it one of the most appreciated products in the world. In addition, its meat provides hardly any calories and is part of white meat, which means that it is a very healthy and recommended food.

This time we are going to cook the chicken with honey , resulting in a dish full of nuances, textures and flavors. We are sure that you will love this honey chicken recipe, which can be made with breast, thighs and wings, and you will quickly include it in your weekly menu. Read on to discover in Free Recipes how to make chicken with honey .

How to make Honey Chicken:

Wash, dry and season the meat. You can make this honey chicken recipe with any part of the animal and even with the whole chicken cut up, since the recipe will be the same.Put a splash of olive oil in a pot and, when it is steaming, brown the chicken on both sides , this way it will be sealed and its skin will be golden and crispy. Once golden, take it out and reserve it.

Honey Chicken Recipe
Honey Chicken Recipe

Chop a handful of previously roasted hazelnuts , trying not to get too chopped. In this way, you will be left with a few pieces when serving the chicken with the honey sauce.Peel and slice a large onion or two small ones. If you prefer to use another type of onion, you can do it without problem.Tip: If you are one of those who prefers not to notice the texture of the onion so much, you can also finely chop it.

Place the pot back on the fire, with the same oil that you used to seal the meat, and fry the onion . Stir so that it browns all over and does not burn. Then, remove it from the pot and set it aside.Sauté the grated tomato by adding the bay leaves, thyme and chopped parsley. Stir and leave the preparation on the fire for a couple of minutes at low temperature.

Add the stock cube, crumbled or diluted in a little water, to the pot , as you like.

Then add the soy sauce and vinegar and mix well.Add the honey to the pot while the sauce is cooking slowly. Next, add the chicken and a pint of water to finish forming the sauce. As you can see, this honey chicken recipe can be made with any part of the chicken because the meat is cooked in the sauce itself.Add the remaining ingredients, that is, the sautéed onion and the chopped hazelnut, cover and cook the chicken with soy sauce and honey for 30 minutes over low heat.Tip: Do not add more salt, since the stock cube already contains it.\

After time, turn off and let it rest without uncovering for about 15 minutes. Thus, it will keep the heat and at the same time it will sit all its flavors and juices. All that remains is to serve and eat this delicious honey chicken , take advantage! Now that you know how to prepare honey chicken, if you want to discover another recipe that is equally good and easy to make, don’t miss the step by step to learn how to prepare honey and mustard chicken , a dish with a delicious bittersweet touch.If you liked the Honey Chicken recipe , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category .

Honey Chicken – Side dishes

Chicken meat is very healthy, since it contains little fat and 22% protein. Likewise, it provides vitamin B6 and B12, among many other nutrients. Thanks to its composition, it is a meat recommended especially for athletes or bodybuilders, cooked on the grill or steamed.

Honey Chicken Recipe
Honey Chicken Recipe

Recipe for honey chicken thighs that we have learned to prepare is not so light due to the amount of honey used. However, if we use pure and organic honey, we will continue to have a healthy recipe. That said, and once we know how to make chicken with honey sauce, let’s see what you can accompany the dish with :