How to make Homemade chicken skewers recipe

Do not miss this recipe for homemade chicken skewers marinated with different spices and fried with onion so easy and delicious that you can prepare for any occasion as a starter or main dish. These are chicken skewers marinated with ginger, turmeric, pepper, cumin, parsley and coriander that we have to marinate overnight if possible so that the meat absorbs the maximum possible flavor.If you don’t know how to make the dressing or marinade for chicken skewers, check out this easy step-by-step recipe and you will see how it has no secrets.

How to make homemade chicken skewers:

Cut the breasts into small pieces and put them in a bowl. Add salt and oil. Chop the onion, parsley and coriander very finely and add to the breasts. Add the rest of the spices of the chicken skewers with vegetables to taste.

Homemade chicken skewers recipe
Homemade chicken skewers recipe

Mix well so that it takes in all the flavors of the marinated chicken skewers.Assemble the spiced chicken skewers on their sticks (I put them 3 by 3) and they are ready to fry.

When you pierce them, there is an onion that comes off,

Homemade chicken skewers recipe
Homemade chicken skewers recipe 2022

So fry the rest and then put on top of the homemade chicken skewers .As a garnish you can prepare some basmati rice , baked potatoes in wedges or a quinoa salad for example.If you liked the recipe for homemade chicken skewers , we suggest you enter our category of Chicken Recipes .