Easy Guayaquil stuffed turkey recipe

Recipes for Christmas are rarely simple, but it is the dedicated preparation that makes every dish special and unique. Do not be scared by the number of steps in this recipe and prepare this delicious Christmas dish for a good night. The guayaquil-style sweet stuffed turkey is a dish that is distinguished by its sweet stuffing with raisins, plums and an intense meat flavor. Forget the traditional turkey and surprise everyone with a sweet stuffed turkey. 

How to make guayaquil stuffed turkey:

The first thing we must do to prepare this Christmas stuffed turkey is to make a mixture to marinate the meat . To do this, combine the salt, pepper, wine, brown sugar and the prepared onoto. Spread this sauce all over the turkey, inside and out, and wrap in a plastic bag, to leave in the fridge overnight. To prepare the onoto, heat the seeds with a little oil until it turns a reddish color.

Guayaquil stuffed turkey recipe
Guayaquil stuffed turkey recipe

The next day, soak the sweet bread in milk and when it softens, blend in the blender until you get a creamy sauce . You can use any type of sweet bread, avoid having raisins or other ingredients. The 6 units indicated in this recipe refer to small portions of bread.

To continue preparing the Christmas turkey, soak the raisins and plums in a little wine for about six hours, this can be done the day you marinate the turkey. Besides, soak the walnuts in a little warm water an hour before the final preparation. He also prepares a broth with the turkey small, cutting everything into small pieces.

The next step to make the guayaquil stuffed turkey

Will be to make the sofrito and the stuffing . To do this, cut the olives and fry the onion with garlic, pepper and celery with about 3 tablespoons of onoto oil, all finely chopped. Add a little salt and pepper and correct the seasoning if necessary. After 5 minutes, add the plums, raisins, olives, chopped ham and finally the bread sauce and the menudo broth.

Let cook over low heat until it begins to thicken. Just start to thicken the mixture, add the walnuts and cook for about an hour or until it reaches the right consistency. Stir constantly with a wooden spoon.

After the cooking time.

Let the mixture rest for another hour or so and when it has reached room temperature, fill the main cavity of the turkey with this mixture . Put all the stuffing inside the turkey. Finally, cook the stuffed turkey in the oven at 320º for about 3 or 4 hours. If you have a meat or poultry thermometer, check that the turkey has a temperature of 180º. Check every half hour and bathe the turkey in the same cooking juice.

Guayaquil stuffed turkey recipe 2022
Guayaquil stuffed turkey recipe 2022

Enjoy this delicious sweet stuffed turkey for Christmas dinner. Accompany with a chicken salad and decorate the dessert table with a black cake and some marzipan chocolates . If you liked the Guayaquil stuffed turkey recipe , we suggest you enter our Turkey Recipes category .