Gb whatsapp lite Download APK (Anti-ban) Latest Official App

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. It’s used by billions of people and is available on almost every device, operating system, and network. Most people think of WhatsApp as a messaging app—a way to text friends and family for free. But today, WhatsApp is so much more than that.

Gb Whatsapp LITE is a free lite version of Whatsapp for your smart devices. You can use Gb Whatsapp LITE to chat with your friends in groups and chat history will not be lost even if you uninstall the app. Gb Whatsapp LITE is a great messenger app for your smart devices. You can also use Gb Whatsapp LITE to make voice calls to your friends and family.

Gb whatsapp lite Download
Gb whatsapp lite Download

Gb Whatsapp lite is a fast and simple way to send and receive messages, voice and video, all for free. Gb Whatsapp lite is specially designed for people on the move, who want to stay in touch with their friends and family. It is super fast and easy to use with a clean and intuitive user interface. No need to install or maintain, just download and use.


GBWhatsApp APK Download:

App Name GBWhatsApp APK
Version Latest Version (v19.30.1)
Total Downloads 6,000,000+
Size 52MB
Requirement Android 4.0 and higher
Last Updated 2 day ago

GB WhatsApp Latest Version Features – What’s New

  • Updated new base
  • Anti-ban
  • It works on all Android devices.
  • Participants should be divided into groups, according to the mod.
  • There are even more new emojis.
  • When you’re at a club, respond privately.
  • There will be no more problems with Google Play stickers.
  • There will be no more crashing while looking for themes.
  • Bugs have been fixed.

Keep in mind that GB WhatsApp is compatible with any Android handset. The above download links are compatible with all Xiaomi, Mi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and other devices. You may get the GbWhatsApp APK from our website and install it on any of your Android phones. In a sense, this page can be used to download GbWhatsapp for Xiaomi, GbWhatsapp for Mi, GbWhatsapp for Samsung, GbWhatsapp for Vivo, GbWhatsapp for Oppo, and GbWhatsapp for Realme phones.

Summary of GBWhatsApp APK Features

The following is a list of GBWhatsApp’s features. Understanding the features will help you learn how to use GB Whatsapp.

  • Icons for various launchers
  • Messages are automatically responded to.
  • Hide the status of your writing
  • a conversation feature that is hidden
  • Disguise the recording scenario
  • Stickers can be downloaded through Google Play.
  • Connected to WhatsApp web (functions aren’t available there)
  • Up to 100 MB of audio can be shared.
  • Make and employ schemes (usable by other GBWA users)
  • Feature of backup
  • You have 7 minutes to update your status video (not 30 seconds as usual). Password protection is enabled.
  • Click styles that are incredible
  • Icons for launchers that are cool
  • Change the notification bar’s icon
  • Providers of multiple gifs
  • Login to the video player exchange
  • Scheduler for Messages

Why is GBWhatsApp Not Opening

Is this a problem you’re having as well? The first thing you should do is see if GBWhatsApp is turned off. When your device is in power conservation mode, the problem can arise. You can remedy this by turning off your firewall or uninstalling the programme. If the issue persists, you can get assistance from GBWhatsApp support. Re-installing the software is the third option.

GBWhatsApp is not opening properly for a variety of reasons. Your Internet connection is the primary culprit. It could be because the app is unreliable, your device’s settings are incorrect, or the app is taking too long to deliver messages. Fortunately, you can remedy the problem by disabling background data and reinstalling the programme. You can also reinstall GBWhatsApp via a third-party approach.

Gb whatsapp lite Download APK (Anti-ban) Latest Official App
Gb whatsapp lite Download APK (Anti-ban) Latest Official App

Incoming message delivery delays are typical in both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. A slow or shaky internet connection, device configuration issues, and the app itself are all possible causes. If the problem persists, consider blocking background data on your device and restarting the process. For most GBWhatsapp users, this will resolve the issue. For those with bad internet connections, this technique is not recommended; instead, try another option.

The first step is to contact GBWhatsApp customer service. It’s possible that your internet connection is the source of the problem. You’ll need to enable your internet connection if it’s the problem. GBWhatsApp should then start working again. This will permanently solve your GBWhatsApp issue.

Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp?

You’ve probably heard of the popular WhatsApp service – and its millions of users – but did you know that there’s another version of the app available? Called GB WhatsApp, it’s claimed to offer many of the same functions as WhatsApp, but is it as secure, or as good in quality? Let’s find out more about this alternative app in today’s review.  

How do I install GBWhatsApp?

Installing GB WhatsApp on your Android device is a pretty straight-forward process, but it can be intimidating if you’re new to the platform. We’ve written this guide to walk you through the process, step by step. You can also find more information on our website:

Install GB WhatsApp on your PC using the steps outlined below. These will install the official version, which may or may not be better than the alternative. We recommend using the alternative if you can, but sometimes the official version is the best option. (For example, the official version of GB WhatsApp didn’t have the new blue interface that some of the others have.)

Install GB WhatsApp from the Google Play Store:

If you want to install the beta version of GB WhatsApp on your device, follow these steps:

How do I download GBWhatsApp?

Download GB WhatsApp for PC. First of all, you will have to download an Android Emulator for PC. There are many Android Emulators available online. We recommend you to use Bluestacks as it is one of the best Android Emulators available online.
Download GB WhatsApp from Google Play Store.

Download GB WhatsApp for PC, Laptop, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. You can download GB WhatsApp on your mobile phone and in your computer.

What is GBWhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a secure, fast and reliable WhatsApp alternative built for Google’s Android operating system. It is the only Android app that offers end-to-end encryption, no matter where you are in the world. It is also the only Android app that doesn’t require the internet to use and is fully secured with a secure password. And it is the only Android app that is governed by a public not-for-profit, allowing you to support our work without needing to ask for anything in return. (

GBWhatsApp is a Chrome Extension that provides simple ways to help you support GB WhatsApp users in Bangladesh who are still using the old, insecure and unsupported WhatsApp version, the minimum required for chat is v2.18.2. GBWhatsApp is built by the same engineers who built the WebChat version, so it will work exactly the same way. If you’d like to help out, download the extension here:


Despite its already interesting features, there’s no reason to get tired with WhatsApp’s straightforward design. You may utilise the messenger with GBWhatsApp’s excellent extra features, which provide an even better user experience than what the original WhatsApp offers.

Do you believe you are entitled to a better and more enjoyable chatting experience? What’s keeping you from downloading then?

Now is the time to download and tell me what you think. Remember to leave a comment below.