Easy to make Fried scrambled eggs recipe

Ingredients to make fried scramble:

  • 1 steak
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 3 eggs

    Fried scrambled eggs recipe
    Fried scrambled eggs recipe

How to make fried scramble:

Step NO 1

If you like adrenaline, let’s go with the recipe, wock very hot a splash of olive oil medium red bell pepper, chopped in julienne 2 medium onions in the same way you take a steak from the large refrigerator you chop it with the knife and mix everything inside the wock mix

Well you cook for 10 minutes you season nuclear bomb type that chops and that tastes salt pepper, finally we break 3 eggs we enter them in the preparation we cook for 3 more minutes and it is better to prepare a glass of gancia with soda ice and lemon taste and turn off the fire, as an aperitif jewel is worth ..

Step NO 2

I learned it from the old improved pump type …

Fried scrambled eggs recip
Easy to make Fried scrambled eggs recipe

Step NO 3

Gualberto Oriolo.

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