Easy to make Fried Eggs with Cheese Recipe

In recent times fried eggs have been rediscovered and reformulated. At Guruwalik we propose you this version with mozzarella and olivada , a delicious and quick dish that is prepared in Italy and that will solve a dinner for you.

Fried Eggs with Cheese
Easy to make Fried Eggs with Cheese Recipe

Ingredients to make Fried Eggs with Cheese:

  • 2 units of Egg
  • 1 unit of Mozzarella cheese
  • 5 dessert tablespoons of Olivada
  • 2 jets of Oil
  • 1 pinch of salt

How to make Fried Eggs with Cheese:

Step NO 1

Here we have the ingredients for the eggs to the plate with mozzarella. We suggest that you accompany them with a little olive paste, but you can also opt for other options, such as Serrano ham shavings.

Step NO 2

In a frying pan we heat the oil and, once it is hot, we pour the eggs, making sure they do not break.

Tip: Pre-break the eggs in a deep dish and salt them.

Step NO 3

When they are half done, add the mozzarella cheese on top, cut into pieces. Let them fry for a few more minutes, so that the mozzarella will melt.

Tip: With the slotted spoon, water the yolk of the egg with a little of the hot oil.

Fried Eggs with Cheese Recipe
Fried Eggs with Cheese Recipe

Step NO 4

When serving them on the plate, be careful. Think that the mozzarella will stick to the slotted spoon, so you run the risk of the yolk breaking. Carefully place the fried eggs with the melted cheese on the plate.

Add a few teaspoons of olive pate and accompany the dish with bread and red wine. As a condiment from Guruwalik we recommend a fresh salad, such as the green salad with kiwi .

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