Easy to make Fried Eggs Recipe without oil

Although the term “fried” implies cooking food in oil or butter, we can obtain practically the same results without using any type of fat. Such is the case of the oil-free fried eggs that we present below. How is it possible? Very easy! Using water instead, a fact that also provides a considerable reduction in calories in this popular dish.

In this way, we will not only be able to cook delicious fried eggs, but we will also be preparing a healthy dish, suitable to include in diets to lose weight. Stay at Guruwalik and discover with us how to make fried eggs without oil , ideal even for dinner. Did you imagine this was possible?

Fried Eggs Recipe without oil
Easy to make Fried Eggs Recipe without oil

Ingredients to make Fried Eggs without oil:

  • 2 Eggs
  • Water
  • 1 pinch of salt

How to make Fried Eggs without oil:

Step NO 1

In order to prepare the fried eggs without oil, the first thing we have to do is take a non-stick frying pan, add 1 cm of water and put it to heat over high heat.

Step NO 2

When we observe that small bubbles begin to appear at the bottom, we crack an egg and add it as if it were oil. Then, we take a lid with holes and cover the pan. It is very important that the lid has openings to release the steam and be able to cook the eggs in water, obtaining a result very similar to traditional fried eggs.

Easy to make Fried Eggs Recipe without oil
Easy to make Fried Eggs Recipe without oil

Tip: If you want, you can add a pinch of salt.

Step NO 3

We let the fried egg without oil cook for 1 minute. Then, we remove the lid and check if it is ready. If it is, we remove it from the water with the help of a slotted spoon and serve it immediately. As you can see, fried eggs without oil are practically the same as those that we cook in a traditional way, both visually and when consumed.

Of course, they present a clear difference: it only has 90 calories . That said, what are you waiting for to start cooking them this way? If you want to know other ways to cook fried eggs without oil, don’t miss our recipe for microwave fried eggs .

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