Easy to Make Fried Eggs Adria Recipe

Ingredients to make Adria Fried Eggs:

  • 8 eggs
  • 2 bell peppers
  • 3 potatoes
  • 16 young garlic
  • 1 clove garlic
  • extra virgin olive oil Hojiblanca
  • Salt
  • parsley ADRIA
Easy to Make Fried Eggs Adria Recipe
Easy to Make Fried Eggs Adria Recipe

How to make Adria Fried Eggs:

Step NO 1

Clean the peppers.

Step NO 2

Place them on the oven plate, drizzle them with oil, season them and put them in the oven at 170ºC-180ºC, for 35-40 minutes.

Step NO 3

Peel the potatoes, cut them into straw potatoes and put them in a bowl with water until frying.

Step NO 4

Put plenty of oil in a pan, heat it well and fry the potatoes.

Step NO 5

Reserve them on a plate.

Step NO 6

Peel the peppers, cut them into thin strips.

Step NO 7

Chop the garlic clove finely and add it to the peppers.

Easy to Make Fried Eggs Adria Recipe
Easy to Make Fried Eggs Adria Recipe

Step NO 8

Water with two tablespoons of oil and season.

Step NO 9

Crack the eggs, separate the yolks from the whites.

Step NO 10

Reserve the yolks and fry the whites.

Step NO 11

Fry the fresh garlic in the same pan.

Step NO 12

Put the potatoes in the bottom of the plate, on top place the fried egg whites and the raw yolks.

Step NO 13

On one side serve some strips of peppers and on the other the fresh garlic.

Step NO 14

Decorate each plate with a sprig of parsley.

Step NO 15

Tip: The egg is very easy to prepare and is, therefore, an element that cannot be missing in the pantry.

Step NO 16

Therefore, it is ideal in the emergency kitchen or when we have surprise guests. If you liked the Adria Fried Eggs recipe , we suggest you enter our Boiled Egg Recipes category .