Easy to make Fried Chicken Hams Recipe

Surely on more than one occasion you have wondered what the KFC crispy fried chicken recipe will be , how they get that spicy point and that crunchy batter. Well, from RecetasGratis we are going to propose to you for dinner some fried chicken hams covered in doritos, explained step by step to make it even easier for you.Although there are many variants of crispy fried chicken as a perfect recipe for gatherings with friends.

Today we propose a version that we improvised a few years ago and that continues to be a success every time we receive friends at home. trick to getting juicy and very tasty chicken hams is in the spices.In the spices and in frying the chicken hams over a very low heat so that the meat is just right. Without further ado , we go with the step by step of this recipe for Kentucky-style fried chicken ham .

How to make fried chicken ham:

Before starting with the preparation of the recipe for fried chicken ham covered in doritos, we present the ingredients .In a bowl, add the flour, spices, salt and garlic , and mix them well. You have to integrate them well, so that when we have the pasta and bathe the chicken, it takes all the nuances.

Fried Chicken Hams Recipe
Fried Chicken Hams Recipe

Chop the onion as fine as we want. If you don’t want it to be noticed, you have to chop it completely -you can also use onion powder-; otherwise, we can leave it with more presence.We pour the onion over the flour, mix and little by little, we add water until we get a homogeneous , smooth and full-bodied paste .Tip: If you notice that the flour does not finish homogenizing, you can always pass it a little through the mixer.

We remove the skin from the chicken hams

We completely introduce them in the Kentucky-style marinade. They have to be submerged. We take them to the refrigerator for 24 hours covered with transparent film so that they take on the flavor.The next day, we grind the doritos with which we are going to coat our Kentucky-style chicken hams .

Fried Chicken Hams Recipe
Fried Chicken Hams Recipe

Once coated, we fry them in plenty of oil . You have to leave them for a long time, because even if it seems that the batter is browned, the meat inside will be undercooked.Once done, we remove them to a strainer to drain all the oil. Still hot, we put the fried chicken hams on the plate .

To accompany them, we have selected some fajitas potatoes, but if you want to reduce the calorie content, we recommend a bed of classic mixed salad .If you liked the recipe for Fried Chicken Hams , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category .