Easy to make Fluffy Fried Eggs Recipe

If you want to prepare some homemade fried eggs in a different and original way, take a look at this recipe that Franco Della Sala shares with Guruwalik today to make delicious fluffy fried eggs , mixing the egg whites with a little milk. Original right? Well, if you keep reading the step by step you will see that this recipe is also very easy to make and it will only take you 10 minutes to prepare. Give it a try!

Fluffy Fried Eggs Recipe
Fluffy Fried Eggs Recipe

Ingredients for making fluffy fried eggs:

  • 3 eggs
  • ½ cup of skim milk
  • Salt (optional)
  • Oil (small amount)

How to make fluffy fried eggs:

Step NO 1

To make spongy phyto eggs, we break an egg and pour only its white into a container , leaving the yolk inside the egg. We repeat the first step with the other eggs. We leave the eggs with the yolk reserved in a place to use them later.

Step NO 2

We take a fork and begin to beat the white for 2 minutes.

Step NO 3

We take the milk and pour a little (half a cup) into the container with the white. We beat again for 2 minutes. With this we will make our fried eggs much fluffier and softer.

Step NO 4

Now we take the pan and add a small teaspoon of oil and spread it with our finger.

Step NO 5

Now we put the pan over low heat and wait until the oil is hot.

Fluffy Fried Eggs
Easy to make Fluffy Fried Eggs Recipe

Step NO 6

Once hot, we pour the entire contents of the container over the pan.

Step NO 7

Finally, just after adding the white with the milk, we put the yolks on top and then let the fluffy fried eggs cook for two minutes, moving the spatula underneath to prevent them from sticking, and pouring oil on top so that have just been done.

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Step NO 8

We would have the fried egg made to enjoy!

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