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Fairies of truth New Top Moral Stories {2021}

Sweet gazelle wanted to win the esteem of the lion, the majestic king of the jungle. Therefore, he thought of going, along with other animals, to the lavish den that hosted him. I wanted to ask her how she and the other subjects should behave to be worthy of being in the world. The animals enthusiastically welcomed the proposal: they all wanted to be brave and well liked. They all wanted to earn the king’s esteem. Only the old owl could not join the group because the expedition would take place during the day and he, during the day, especially since he was old, could not get around. However, he recommended to everyone that they immediately explain what the lion told them, because he was old and therefore also wise enough to know that in life there is always something to learn and that there is always an opportunity to be better.

The fairies of truth
The fairies of truth

Therefore, the animals requested an audience from their king, who was very magnanimous and just and who therefore accepted. Together, in front of their lair, someone had to express the reason for the visit. And the gazelle spoke for everyone: “Leon, you who are our king and have a great spirit of justice and a keen intelligence; tell us what we would have to do to earn your esteem and be able to move with our heads held high. What characteristics do we have to have? How should we proceed?”.

The lion spoke for a long time: he suggested thousands of wise behaviors, he described the essence of justice, honesty, loyalty. He expanded on explaining which behaviors were the most suitable to win the affection of friends and the consensus of superiors. The subjects listened attentively. Afterwards, the lion concluded by recommending to make a treasure of his words. The animals returned to the jungle and ran to see the owl that was waiting impatiently for them. When they found him, they all began to tell him the king’s very long speech together, causing him a terrible confusion. They were in an uproar, they spoke to each other, arguments were crowded together and voices were piling up. At one point, the owl got angry:

“Please,” he yelled, “speak one at a time. Otherwise, I don’t understand anything at all! ” The eagle was the first to speak: Only those who are capable of separating from time to time from the world and isolating themselves to think and reflect can achieve inner balance ”. Immediately afterwards the dog spoke: “According to the lion, fidelity and obedience to the master are the best characteristics that can be had. Whoever obeys happily is the one who best justifies his existence. Besides, whoever never betrays gets the best fame one could wish for ”.

The fairies of truth 2021
The fairies of truth 2021

“Perfect,” said the owl, “now I would like to hear the gazelle.” “Discretion”, said the gazelle, the architect of the initiative to go visit the king, “is the ability to remain apart, knowing what to do with someone stronger. The lion considers discretion as one of the best gifts ”. “Very good,” commented the owl and invited the dormouse to speak.
“The lion believes that spending many hours sleeping,” said the dormouse, “is a good way to face life. While sleeping, we regenerate and at the same time we cannot commit bad deeds ”.

“I understand,” said the owl and asked the fox to tell him a fragment of the king’s speech. “The lion,” explained the fox, “has emphasized that mental acuity helps to live better and that a little cunning is a fundamental ingredient to occupy a place in this world with dignity.” “Now I would like to hear the slug,” said the owl and it replied: “He who goes slowly, goes very far. The king has underlined the importance of not always rushing if you want to do things well. “

“Very good,” said the owl. “None of you have deceived me, but each of you has told me what he liked the most to hear.” Therefore, shaking his head in dissatisfaction, the owl walked away.

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