Easy to make Eggs to purgatory recipe

Eggs to purgatory, a traditional Italian recipe from Naples area that has become a well-known and widespread dish because of how rich it is and how easy it is to prepare. This dish is characterized by cooking eggs with tomato sauce in a pan, so that amount of oil used is much less than that used to cook fried eggs.

Result is a dish full of flavor and, at same time, very easy to prepare, making it ideal even for beginners. And for those who love spicy, this dish lends itself perfectly to introducing a bit of spice. All that said, stay at RecipesGratis and discover with us how to make eggs to purgatory .

How to make Eggs to Purgatory:

No 1

Heat a casserole with a jet of oil. Chop garlic and add them to casserole to sauté them over medium heat with cayenne . Let garlic release its flavor without turning any color.

Eggs to purgatory recipe
Eggs to purgatory recipe

No 2

Add crushed tomato and let it cook for about 20-30 minutes over low heat. After 10-15 minutes, add salt, pepper, and oregano, and let tomato sauce finish. sauce will be ready when tomato water has been consumed and you can see that oil stays on top.

Tip: for eggs to purgatory to be healthier, we recommend opting for natural crushed tomato (not fried) or for crushing tomatoes yourself at home.

No 3

When you see that sauce is thick, taste and rectify salt and oregano , or spice that you like. If you like spicy, feel free to add a chilli that is cut in half or chopped so that sauce has that touch.

Eggs to purgatory
Eggs to purgatory

Tip: you can make more tomato sauce and save it to use in other recipes, since it lasts several days in fridge and is delicious.

No 4

Make some holes in sauce with help of a spoon to introduce cracked eggs into them .

No 5

Grate some Parmesan cheese , or whatever cheese you like best, but keep it creamy.

No 6

Distribute cheese around eggs , but paying special attention not to cover yolk so that eggs in purgatory are perfect.

No 7

Cover casserole and allow eggs to finish cooking for 2-3 minutes , or until whites of curdled eggs are visible. You do not have to leave them long so that yolk is not hard.

No 8

Once eggs are to your liking, turn off heat, put a little salt on top of eggs and serve them right away, since eggs with hot sauce will continue to cook. Enjoy this simple and delicious recipe for eggs to purgatory!

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With what to accompany eggs to purgatory

Without a doubt, the best accompaniment to this dish of Neapolitan eggs to purgatory is a good piece of bread . Choose a loaf of bread , French bread or one you like, and wet with sauce and egg yolks.

On other hand, you can also serve this dish with French fries , oven roasted potatoes or oil-free fries . Likewise, we cannot forget a typical Italian salad , caprese salad !