Easy to Make Ecuadorian Tigrillo Recipe

If anything about Ecuadorian gastronomy can be affirmed, it is that the banana is a cult ingredient. This is for two main reasons. The first is that the Ecuadorian coast stands out for the production and export of bananas, also known as plantains. And the second reason is that it is delicious!

Precisely from the coast of Ecuador, from the canton of Zaruma to be exact, comes the Ecuadorian tigrillo, a breakfast whose base is banana and includes cheese, milk and eggs. It must be said that, for those who have never seen it, it can look a bit strange since it is a hodgepodge of ingredients. However, the taste is incredible.

It is wonderful that we can discover a new and tasty flavor with common ingredients. So that you do not miss out on trying the Ecuadorian tigrillo, follow the instructions of Guruwalik and let yourself be surprised by this dish with a Creole flavor. We show you how to make tigrillo with the original recipe.

Ingredients to make Ecuadorian Tigrillo:

  • 2 plantains
  • 2 tablespoons oil or butter
  • 1 onion
  • 5 stalks of chives
  • 180 milliliters of milk or ¾ cup
  • 200 grams of fresh cheese that does not melt so easily
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 pinch of salt to taste
Easy to Make Ecuadorian Tigrillo Recipe

How to make Ecuadorian Tigrillo:

Step NO 1

The preparation of the Ecuadorian tigrillo is quite fast once you have the plantains cooked. Choose large green bananas , since only then will you get a good green tiger, which is another name given to this recipe. To find out how much to prepare, calculate half a banana and one egg per person.

Step NO 2

Remove the peel from the bananas and cut them into more or less large pieces.

Step NO 3

Fry the banana pieces in plenty of oil. We chose to make them fried because of the crunchy texture of the banana, but the reality is that they can be baked, boiled or grilled. Some versions explain that the name “tigrillo” comes from the banana cooked on the grill by the rallitas that are marked.

Step NO 4

While the banana is browning, chop the onion and chives . Also grate the fresh cheese .

Step NO 5

Once fried and drained, grind the banana pieces . No need to puree. Ecuadorians appreciate feeling the crunchy bits of banana in their tigrillo recipe.

Step NO 6

Sauté the onion and chives in the butter or oil. When they wilt, pour in half the milk and cook for a few minutes. It does not need to come to a boil. Add the salt to taste.

Easy to Make Ecuadorian Tigrillo Recipe
Easy to Make Ecuadorian Tigrillo Recipe

Step NO 7

Add the ground banana and stir well to continue with the tigrillo recipe.

Step NO 8

If you see that it needs a little more hydration, add the rest of the milk and let it cook for a few minutes . The consistency is of a paste in which all the ingredients are appreciated.

Step NO 9

Add the grated cheese and integrate it into the tigrillo.

Step NO 10

Add the eggs . You can whisk them before or add them one by one, according to your taste or whatever is most comfortable for you.

Step NO 11

Mix and cook until you get a kind of puree or scramble and that’s it. You can now serve your Ecuadorian tiger for breakfast and start the day with energy thanks to this complete dish.

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Tigrillo – Recommendations and accompaniments

In some recipes they include pork rinds in the preparation, however, others claim that it is not part of the original tigrillo recipe. You only need to chop pieces of this ingredient and add them to the preparation along with the onion and chives if you want to add it. On the other hand, there are those who recommend that the pieces of cheese be roasted in a pan before chopping them often and adding them to the tigrillo. This intensifies the flavor of the cheese. Try it and tell us what you think.

Easy to Make Ecuadorian Tigrillo Recipe

Now that you know how the tigrillo de verde is made and some variations you can make, you may be wondering what you can serve this delicious breakfast with. Well, in Ecuador it is common to see the tigrillo accompanied by:

  • Fried egg , if you don’t want to add more calories to the dish you can always make fried eggs without oil .
  • Pork rinds . Instead of integrating it, they also serve it as an accompaniment.
  • Avocado , which also fits perfectly with the flavor of this food.

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