Easy to make Flamenco Eggs Recipe

Eggs flamenco are a traditional Andalusian dish. This dish, well known in Seville, is typical in many bars and restaurants. Although it is a recipe that varies according to area where it is prepared, it can never be without egg, chorizo ​​and ham.

This recipe that we propose in RecetasGratis is very simple and is made with few ingredients. We can say that it is simplest version of this dish, but you can also add onion and garlic to sauce, as well as vegetables such as red pepper and green beans. Find out how to make flamenco eggs and tell us how it looks in comments!

Easy to make Flamenco Eggs Recipe
Easy to make Flamenco Eggs Recipe

Ingredients to make Flamenco Eggs:

  • 2 units of eggs
  • 100 grams of peas
  • 100 grams of tomato sauce
  • 50 grams of chorizo
  • 80 grams of ham
  • 1 dash of olive oil

How to make Flamenco Eggs:

Step NO 1

Put a saucepan to heat with water and, when it starts to boil, add peas. Leave them until tender . Peas can be canned, fresh, or frozen.

Step No 2

Cut chorizo ​​and ham into small cubes . Put a frying pan with very little oil, add chorizo ​​and ham and sauté over medium heat.

Step NO 3

When peas are cooked, drain them well. Once you have sautéed chorizo ​​and ham, add peas, let them cook for a few minutes so that they take on flavors . Add fried tomato and leave again for a few minutes. When all flavors have been mixed, turn off.

Easy to make Flamenco Eggs Recipe
Easy to make Flamenco Eggs Recipe

Step NO 4

Take clay pots and spread sauce among them .

Step NO 5

Put casseroles on baking sheet . Add a tablespoon of tomato sauce in middle of each casserole. It is optional, but when you put it in oven it will dry out more, so with a little more tomato it will be juicier.

Step NO 6

Add an egg to each casserole. Break them into a separate bowl to make sure they are good and add them to casseroles later. Put plate in oven at 180 ºC and leave it until eggs are cooked. doneness of eggs will be as you like best, well done or little. It is best to turn off oven when egg white is already white. Your flamenco eggs will be ready to eat!

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Flamenco Eggs – Suggestions and other recipes

Also known as Andalusian eggs , this delicious dish has other variants that you can try. In many places, they add French fries to recipe, as well as chunks of vegetables and more ketchup alongside peas.

However you prepare it, it is delicious and is made with our own and homemade ingredients. Combination gives a very colorful dish that tastes even better than it looks. To fully master presentation, it is best to present it in clay pots as is traditionally done in bars and restaurants.

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