Easy to Make Cheese Terrine Recipe

Ingredients to make Cheese Terrine:

  • 320 gr. fresh goat cheese
  • 1/4 l. cream
  • 1/4 l. milk
  • 3 gelatin sheet
  • chopped walnut
  • 1 pinch of chopped truffle (optional)
  • Salt
  • chopped parsley
  • mixed lettuce

    Cheese Terrine Recipe
    Easy to Make Cheese Terrine Recipe

How to make Cheese Terrine:

Step NO 1

1 preparation Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water, when they are soft, drain well by hand and dilute in the hot milk.

Step NO 2

Carefully mix the cheese and cream, add a little salt, the milk with the gelatin, the chopped walnuts and the truffle, if you like.

Step NO 3

Grease some individual molds with a little oil and fill them with the cream.

Step NO 4

Leave to refrigerate for at least 4 hours and unmold.

Cheese Terrine
Cheese Terrine

Step NO 5

2 presentation Serve the terrine sprinkled with chopped parsley and accompanied by a green salad of mixed lettuce seasoned. If you liked the Cheese Terrine recipe , we suggest you enter our Cheese Recipes category .