Easy to Make Camembert Cheese Recipe (preparation)

Ingredients to make Camembert cheese (preparation):

  • Whole milk (no skim)
  • Rennet.
  • Salt.
  • Kitchen thermometer
Easy to Make Camembert Cheese Recipe (preparation)
Easy to Make Camembert Cheese Recipe (preparation)

How to make Camembert cheese (preparation):

Step NO 1

The percentage of rennet per liter of milk will be that indicated by the rennet manufacturer.

Step NO 2

The drying temperature about 12 degrees Celsius with a humidity of 85 to 90%.

Step NO 3

The ideal molds for drying, fine mat baskets.

Step NO 4

Heat the milk to a temperature of 28 to 30 degrees Celsius, stirring it with a slotted spoon so that the heating is uniform.

Step NO 5

Remove from the fire.

Easy to Make Camembert Cheese Recipe (preparation)
Easy to Make Camembert Cheese Recipe (preparation)

Step NO 6

Add the rennet little by little, shaking the milk so that it mixes well.

Step NO 7

Let rest until it coagulates.

Step NO 8

The milk will be curdled when when introducing a wooden pallet, it does not fall.

Step NO 9

Place in perforated molds (10 cm. Diameter x 2 high) with the help of a slotted spoon.

Step NO 10

As the whey drains, fill the mold with more curd.

Step NO 11

Once the mold is completed, with the help of a grooved plank or a grid, they are given a complete turn to facilitate the draining of the serum.

Step NO 12

After 24 hours, it is removed from the mold and the contour and upper face are salted by rubbing with the hand.

Step NO 13

After 8 hours, the other side is turned over and salted.

Step NO 14

It is placed back in a mold until the cheese acquires consistency, after that, after two days it can be consumed. If you liked the Camembert Cheese recipe (elaboration) , we suggest you enter our Cheese Recipes category .