Easy to make Baked chard omelette recipe

Baked chard omelette , a rich omelette full of vitamins, healthy and light, ideal for introducing vegetables to little ones in house. Likewise, chard are great vegetables for weight loss diets, since they contain very few calories and many nutrients, such as vegetable protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and vitamin E.

Baked chard omelette recipe
Baked chard omelette recipe

With chard we can prepare an infinite number of recipes, such as the popular chard omelettes, chard cannelloni or recipe that we show below, an omelette worthy of a dinner with family or friends. If you like idea, keep reading and discover in Free Recipes how to make chard omelette in oven .

Ingredients to make baked chard omelette:

1 bunch of Swiss chard
3 eggs
1 handful of grated cheese (if it is light better)
1 pinch of salt
2 egg whites

How to make chard omelette in oven:

Step NO 1

We turn on oven at 180 ºC so that it warms up. Once this is done, we wash chard , drain it well and cut it into small pieces.

Step  NO 2

Cook chard with a little water or steam . Steamed is better because they are drier. In any case, we leave them for 10 minutes so that they are tender.

Step  NO 3

In a bowl we put eggs and whites, grated cheese and a little salt. We beat these ingredients well. Depending on whether we want the chard omelette to be juicier or less, we will have to beat with more or less energy. That is, for a more curdled omelette, we recommend beating eggs well to froth them.

Baked chard omelette
Easy to make Baked chard omelette recipe

Step  NO 4

To the mixture of eggs we add chard , taking into account that the amount of this vegetable will be to our liking. We mix it all up.

Step  NO 5

We put the mixture in a suitable source for oven, we introduce it and we make chard omelette in oven until it is golden brown. We do not indicate baking time because everything depends on the doneness that we like. If we like more curd, we will leave it more, while if we like it juicy we will have to check and click to remove it from oven when it is.

Step  NO 6

When it is done to our liking, we take it out and serve it. This baked chard omelette recipe is light, easy to make and very quick, perfect for dinner but also to serve during meal accompanied by other preparations, such as baked rice croquettes or a tomato salad .

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How to make baked chard omelette – Other recipes

Baked chard omelette that we have learned to prepare is basic recipe, which only includes chard and cheese. However, this same recipe lends itself to multiple variations, so we can also prepare:

  • Swiss chard and potato omelette
  • Swiss chard and tuna omelette
  • Swiss chard and zucchini omelette

To make any of these versions in oven, we can follow instructions above. In case of chard and potato omelette, we recommend cooking potatoes in microwave so that dish remains light and low in calories.

Benefits of baked chard omelette

We have said throughout recipe that this is a very nutritious, complete and light omelette, but what benefits does it provide us exactly? Well, this is an omelette rich in protein , due to egg and chard, making it ideal for people who follow a vegetarian diet. Likewise, it contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, and vitamins such as E and A.

It should be noted that chard is also rich in vitamin C, however, this disappears with heat, which is why We do not highlight this quality as a benefit of the baked chard omelette. In order to absorb this vitamin, it would be necessary to consume raw chard.

Due to its nutritional value, this omelette is ideal for children, since it favors their development, and perfect for adults.

Vegan chard omelette in oven

To make the vegan version we can prepare the chard omelette with chickpea flour . To do this, we will mix about seven tablespoons of flour with a glass of water. This will be mixture that will replace egg. As for cheese, we can eliminate it directly from the recipe or use any type of vegan cheese.

In following recipe you will discover step by step to prepare this omelette: ” Vegan chard omelette “.