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How to make Easy Baked Lamb Shoulder Recipe

If you want to prepare a delicious shoulder of lamb for Christmas , the recipe shared by our friends at Sabor en Cristal is the ideal one. It is an easy recipe that you can carry out with few ingredients, because without a doubt the protagonist is the lamb.Sometimes cooking elegant and sophisticated dishes is much easier than it seems, and if you want to surprise at Christmas with a different table and recipes that excite all the senses, this easy baked lamb shoulder is the one for you. Save it right now in your favorites and reserve this delicious dish for your Christmas menu.

How to make Easy Baked Lamb Shoulder:

Start by cleaning the shoulder very well . Then, find a special baking dish, fill it with a finger of water approximately and place the piece of meat inside. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and set aside.Take the opportunity to turn on and preheat the oven to 100º C.Now, mash the peeled and finely chopped garlic together with the parsley.

Easy Baked Lamb Shoulder Recipe
Easy Baked Lamb Shoulder Recipe

Do this in a mortar and when they are well crushed, add the oil with the vinegar, previously mixed, and a pinch of salt.Retrieve the source with the lamb and with the help of a spoon, go wetting all the meat . Make several cross cuts as seen in the photo and cover well with the garlic and parsley mash.Cook the shoulder in the oven, programming for 60 minutes. When the first half hour has passed, you should remove the source and turn the meat over, then wet it all over again very well .

with the mash that we have in the mortar.

After the first hour, we raise the oven temperature to 170º and repeat the operation. We turn the meat over, bathe with garlic and parsley and when another 30 minutes pass, we turn it over again.Place the peeled and sliced ​​potatoes and bathe everything with the mixture again. Continue cooking , turning the meat every half hour, without touching the potatoes, until you see that the shoulder begins to brown.

Easy Baked Lamb Shoulder Recipe 2022
Easy Baked Lamb Shoulder Recipe 2022

Then, raise the temperature to 220º C. and let it finish browning by dipping it one last time with our garlic and parsley preparation.Tip: If all the liquid is consumed you can add more water.When the meat is well browned and the potatoes are tender, we will have our easy baked shoulder of lamb ready . To make it look this good, you only need time and a little patience because as you can see, the procedure for this recipe for Christmas is extremely simple.

Other ways to prepare a delicious shoulder of lamb is with a rosemary gastric , a bittersweet and elegant touch that you will undoubtedly enjoy or with honey, rosemary and thyme , a combination that will surprise you.If you liked the recipe for Easy Baked Lamb Shoulder , we suggest you enter our Lamb Recipes category .

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