Easy to make American pancakes recipe

New video recipe! At guruwalik we want to help you cook quickly and easily and it seemed like a good idea to start with recipes as popular as the famous American pancakes .

Gather all the ingredients together with a plastic bottle and you will be surprised to discover how easy it is to get fluffy and fluffy pancakes , perfect for breakfast, dinner (if you are not dieting) or even dessert. Take a look at this tutorial and get cooking!

American pancakes
Easy to make American pancakes recipe

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As you will see, in the list of ingredients of the American pancakes , we have placed “prepared flour”, this means that we will use special flour for pancakes or, failing that, flour for pastry, in this way we make sure that the pancakes are soft and fluffy.

Remember that the dough should be slightly thick, so you can add more flour or more milk if you consider it necessary. A trick to prevent lumps from forming in the dough is to add a splash of vegetable oil and mix, you will see how the texture of the dough of the pancakes becomes completely homogeneous.

American pancakes recipe
American pancakes recipe

Once you have the homemade pancakes ready, you can serve them with butter and honey or with maple syrup if you prefer. To make the typical American breakfast you can combine them with fried egg , bacon and jam.

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