Easy to make Duels and bankruptcies recipe

Duelos y quebrantos is a traditional dish of La Mancha cuisine that incorporates very popular ingredients from this place, these are chorizo, bacon or bacon and eggs. This dish is well known around world thanks to Don Quixote book, where exactly this dish is talked about. Don Quixote, protagonist of book, mentions this dish and points out that Alonso Quijano took duels and losses every Saturday.

This dish can be found in any restaurant in Castilla-La Mancha area. Like all recipes, depending on place there are variations, in this case, in RecetasGratis we provide you with all steps you must follow to prepare delicious traditional duels and losses . Let’s go there!

Duels and bankruptcies recipe
Easy to make Duels and bankruptcies recipe

How to Duel and Duel:

No 1

Start dueling and breaking recipe by cutting bacon into medium strips and also chorizo into small pieces.

NO 2

Take a wide frying pan, add a little oil and place cut bacon, brown it over high heat . When it is golden, remove it.

No 3

In same pan add a little oil if necessary, add chorizo and when it is cooked, turn off heat.

No 4

You can use same pan where you have sautéed bacon and chorizo, but if you don’t want it to acquire a very strong taste, use another pan, place it and add bacon and chorizo .

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No 5

Place eggs on a plate and add a little salt , keep in mind that chorizo ​​adds a lot of flavor. Break eggs and place them on a plate.

No 6

Add eggs on top of chorizo ​​and bacon , you must have a low heat so that eggs are curdled and ingredients acquire flavor. Stir eggs until you get desired consistency. Ideally, you should have creamy scrambled eggs. recipe for duels and losses is almost ready!

No 7

When eggs are to your liking, remove them immediately from pan because if they do not continue cooking. Serve right away with a few good pieces of village bread loaf. Serve this dish in clay pots along with a good glass of wine. Ready and enjoy ! Tell us in comments what you think of this Don Quixote dish.

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Duels and bankruptcies
Duels and bankruptcies

Don Quixote, book present in recipe

This plate of duels and losses became famous thanks to Don Miguel de Cervantes, protagonist of book “Don Quixote” , in first pages allusion is made to this recipe. We point out that it is a caloric but delicious dish. So, don’t forget to try this recipe for duels and losses and share your experience with us in comments.