Easy to make Crispy Cajun Chicken Recipe

If you want to make a different preparation to prepare battered chicken breasts and surprise everyone, take a look at this crispy Cajun chicken recipe that we show you in Free Recipes, a variation of the original Cajun recipe with which fried chicken is crispy being battered in toasted corn or kikos. Do not miss it!

Easy to make Roast Chicken with Apples Recipe
Easy to make Roast Chicken with Apples Recipe

How to make crispy Cajun Chicken:

To start preparing this delicious crispy Cajun chicken, the first thing we have to do is gather all the necessary ingredients . Next, we clean the chicken breasts , remove the skin and any fat they may have and cut them into thick strips to simulate chicken fingers .

Then, we place the breast strips in a bowl together with the milk and the lemon juice, and let them marinate for approximately 15-20 minutes , so that they become more tender once the chicken is fried. 

Tip: The chicken does not need to be marinated in the fridge, you can leave it at room temperature.

While the chicken strips are marinating, we make the Cajun mix . To do this, we mix in a bowl all the spices and aromatic herbs together with the salt and the flour, that is, all the rest of the ingredients that we have left except the oil for frying and the kikos, and thus we will obtain the authentic flavor of the strips. Cajun chicken.

Then we crush the kikos or toasted corn so that our Cajun chicken is crispy once we have the battered chicken.

Once the chicken’s marinating time is over , drain it well in a colander or strainer, and put it in the bowl with the mixture of spices and Cajun herbs. Then we mix everything well and then we put a few strips of chicken in batter directly in the beaten egg until they are well impregnated.

Easy to make Roast Chicken with Apples Recipe
Easy to make Roast Chicken with Apples Recipe

Then we take them out of the beaten egg and coat them with the crushed kikos. And we repeat the same process with all the Cajun chicken strips so that the battered chicken is very crispy.

Once we have coated all the chicken strips with the Cajun mixture, the beaten egg and the kikos, we only have to fry them in a pan with plenty of hot oil. And so we will obtain our delicious homemade crispy Cajun chicken in finger strips. Take advantage!

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