How to make Corn Tortilla Pie with Chicken and Cheese Recipe

This corn tortilla cake is one of those recipes that always wins. It does not matter who you invite, if you take out this salty cake, you will have been right for sure! It is a colorful recipe and includes ingredients that are very common at home and that, in general, most like.

It is not complicated to prepare and can be prepared in advance, it is simply an ideal recipe! One of those that you have to have on hand for unforeseen events. So take note, discover in Free Recipes how to make a cake with tortillas, chicken and cheese and, while it is baking

How to make Chicken Cheese Corn Tortilla Pie:

We start by peeling the onion and splitting it into several pieces that we put in the mincer. We chop it until it is almost liquid so that the salty cake with corn tortillas is better. Tip: The onion does not add flavor, nor does it show that it is there, but it does add a lot of juiciness to the filling.

Corn Tortilla Pie with Chicken and Cheese Recipe
Corn Tortilla Pie with Chicken and Cheese Recipe

In a large frying pan we put a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and put it on the fire. Add the onion and stir from time to time.Meanwhile, we cut the cooked chicken breast into pieces and chop it until it is almost crushed in the mincer. We put it in the pan together with the onion. Tip: The chicken breast can be substituted for turkey breast or York ham.

Next, we chop the bacon and also add it to the pan

Stirring and mixing very well, and let it cook. We add the spices and stir. We put the spread cheese on top and lower the intensity of the fire a little. After a few minutes, with the heat of the pan, the cheese will be soft and it will be very easy to mix it with the rest of the ingredients, forming a paste. Tip: Use the spices that you like. I put for enchiladas because I had a pot at home, but you can use whatever you have or you want more.

Finally, we add the grated cheese , mix well and keep the corn tortilla cake filling on the fire until it has melted. We withdraw and reserve. To assemble the salty cake , in a removable mold that has the same diameter as our corn tortillas, we put one on the base. Next we put two tablespoons of the filling that we have in the pan, spread with the help of a spoon and cover with another tortilla. We press so that the dough is well settled and spread. We repeat this step until we have no filling. 

Cover with an omelette and sprinkle the surface with gouda cheese.

Put in the oven preheated to 180 ºC and bake for about 20 or 25 minutes. We remove from the oven and let it cool before unmolding.We can also serve the Corn Tortilla Pie with Chicken and Cheese immediately, but it is preferable to cool and set to ensure a perfect cut.

Corn Tortilla Pie with Chicken and Cheese Recipe 2022
Corn Tortilla Pie with Chicken and Cheese Recipe 2022

It is heated in the microwave before serving. The ideal is to take it warm, but not excessively hot. Enjoy! If you liked the recipe for Corn Tortilla Pie with Chicken and Cheese , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category .

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