Easy to make Cordovan Salmorejo Recipe

Cordovan salmorejo is one of the most popular starters in Spain during the summer season. It is a cold cream or soup originally from Andalusia, although currently, as we say, it is present throughout the country. The Cordovan salmorejo recipe is very simple, fast, cheap and nutritious. It is very similar to gazpacho, but with fewer ingredients. Something that they do agree on is that both use bread from the previous day, so we can take advantage of it and avoid throwing away food. 

Generally, the salmorejo is accompanied with boiled egg and serrano ham cut into strips or small cubes, ingredients that provide that extra flavor and texture that characterizes this dish so much. Do you want to know how to make cordovan salmorejo ? Stay at RecetasGratis and discover the original recipe.

How to make Cordovan Salmorejo:

Before starting to prepare the Andalusian salmorejo recipe, cook the eggs . To do this, heat a saucepan with plenty of water over high heat, add 3-4 eggs and, when it starts to boil, count 10 minutes for them to cook well. After time, remove the saucepan from the heat, remove the hot water and stop cooking the eggs, leaving them in cold water. Reserve them.

Wash the tomatoes and cut them into quarters or small pieces. Then, put them in a mixing glass, robot or hand mixer, add the peeled garlic clove, the sliced ​​bread from the previous day and a little salt.

Cordovan Salmorejo Recipe
Cordovan Salmorejo Recipe

Blend the previous ingredients well. When they are well crushed, check the degree of thickness. If the cream is very thick, you can add a little water.Put the cordovan salmorejo in a jar and reserve it in the fridge until serving time so that it is very cool. While it cools, take the opportunity to prepare the accompaniment.

So we weigh, peel the hard-boiled eggs and cut them into small pieces or quarters. Cut the ham into small pieces and reserve them with the egg pieces, preferably separated to be able to distribute them later on the plates.

Pour in a good stream of olive oil and beat again.

If you are preparing the cordovan salmorejo with a whisk or hand mixer, we recommend adding the oil little by little, as if you were making a homemade mayonnaise, so that it emulsifies and a more creamy salmorejo is left well mixed with the tomatoes. Once this is done, taste for salt and rectify if necessary. 

Once ready, you can strain it to make it finer, although if lol you’ve crushed enough it shouldn’t be necessary. Tip: you can add water or more bread, depending on whether you want it to be more or less thick. When serving, put the salmorejo in individual deep plates or bowls and distribute the pieces of ham and egg . Ready! The recipe for homemade cordovan salmorejo is that easy. As you can see, it is a delicious cold starter, which does not require cooking and which preserves almost all the nutrients of its ingredients.

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Ideas to accompany the cordovan salmorejo

Cordovan Salmorejo Recipe 2022
Cordovan Salmorejo Recipe 2022

Now that you know how to make the traditional Andalusian salmorejo, what can you serve it with? As we say, this dish is served as a starter, so we recommend accompanying it with another starter or going directly to the main course. For starters, we recommend:

  • Chicken croquette
  • Steamed clams
  • Andalusian squid

As for the main dishes, both meat dishes and fish or vegetable dishes fit:

  • Madrid style tripe
  • Pork cheeks in red wine
  • Hake in green sauce
  • Potatoes stuffed with vegetables