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How to make Cordon bleu breaded recipe

Chicken cordon bleu is original from France, one of the most popular dishes in buffet meals. Its original recipe is baked but today I will show you how to prepare it breaded, it is perfect for any occasion. you can find a wide variety of fried chicken and battered chicken recipes , but this delicious breaded cordon bleu, made with chicken fillets, that Edinson Otalvaro brings us is a delight that you cannot miss. Read on and get ready to cook a different stuffed chicken, you won’t regret it.

How to make Cordon bleu breaded:

To make your preparation faster, prepare all the ingredients first.The ham that is normally used to make the famous chicken cordon bleu is known as sweet ham, as for the cheese, it is always better to use one that melts slightly in the heat.Take the steaks and place a slice of cheese and ham on top.

Cordon bleu breaded recipe
Cordon bleu breaded recipe

Roll them up and fix the chicken roll with one or two toothpicks across so they don’t come loose during cooking.Prepare the breading station by beating the eggs on a plate and placing the flour to coat in another. Dip the fillets in the eggs, then stir in the flour.You can also use breadcrumbs or crushed corn flakes to give the fried chicken a crunchier touch .

With the cordon bleu already assembled.

The next step will be to fry the chicken . To do this, heat a frying pan with plenty of oil and put the chicken, turning, until golden brown all over. Remember to place the ready pieces on a plate with absorbent paper, in this way we eliminate the excess oil.

Cordon bleu breaded recipe 2022
Cordon bleu breaded recipe 2022

The breaded cordon bleu has a flavor that will not disappoint anyone, it is even the favorite food of many children. You can serve the breaded cordon bleu with a vegetable salad , a little rice garden or a creamy mashed potatoes if it is a dish for the little ones at home.If you liked my recipe, like it or leave me your opinions! If you liked the Cordon bleu breaded recipe ,

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