Easy to make Coconut popsicles recipe

With the arrival of summer and, therefore, the high temperatures, a rich ice palette is craving. On this occasion, RecetasGratis brings you a simple and refreshing recipe for natural coconut popsicles, nothing like enjoying the rich coconut in a cold dessert! 

Learn how to prepare your own coconut popsicles at home and forget about buying them, it is much more profitable and delicious to make them in the comfort of your home to accompany that hot day or to pamper the little ones at home.

In addition, the best of all is that this recipe is low in sugar, since no extra sweeteners are added, with the flavor of the coconut itself combined with a rich Greek yogurt will be enough to refresh the summer. Read on and discover with us how to make creamy , healthy and delicious coconut popsicles .

How to make coconut popsicles:

Start the coconut popsicle recipe by cleaning the coconut . You will use only the pulp, so cut it into small pieces to facilitate the preparation. You can substitute dry grated coconut for the coconut in the shell. Place the coconut chunks in the blender with a little of the coconut water. If you use the coconut with the shell, take advantage of the water that it already brings.

Coconut popsicles recipe
Coconut popsicles recipe

If, on the contrary, you bought the coconut already chopped, buy the natural coconut water at the supermarket. When the coconut is more or less ground, add the Greek yogurt, the vanilla essence and the rest of the coconut water . Blend very well until you get a lighter texture. Tip: you can substitute Greek yogurt for plain unsweetened yogurt if you prefer healthier coconut popsicles.

Once blended, pour the cream into the molds.

Plastic cups, place the wooden sticks and, optionally, a little grated coconut at the end for a more beautiful presentation. Then reserve the popsicles in the freezer for a minimum of 4 hours or overnight. After the freezing time and once they are solid, unmold the coconut popsicles and enjoy a refreshing dessert, let’s eat!

As you will see, the result is creamy and healthy natural coconut popsicles , especially if you chose unsweetened yogurt. Tell us what you think. If you liked the recipe for Coconut Popsicles , we suggest you enter our Ice Cream Recipes category .

Coconut popsicles and other ingredients

The coconut flavor alone is delicious and has a slightly sweet flavor, that is why we do not use sweeteners for this recipe, but you can add them to make them to your liking with the sweetness you prefer.

Likewise, you can make the popsicles more creamy using heavy cream or whipping cream , if you use the latter I advise you to whisk it for a few minutes to aerate it and leave it with an extra softness and creaminess.

Coconut popsicles recipe 2022
Coconut popsicles recipe 2022

You can make your own homemade heavy cream with this recipe.With the aforementioned amounts you will get 8 to 10 popsicles in 200 ml cups, but everything will depend on the size of the glass you choose or if you have a popsicle mold. On the other hand, you can add other ingredients to combine the coconut with other flavors, such as the following:

  • cocoa powder
  • crushed fruits (natural or frozen)

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