Easy to make Chocolate hot cakes recipe

Hot cakes or pancakes are the dream breakfast of many children and even adults. American pancakes or pancakes, as they are also known in other countries, can be served with salty or sweet garnishes, although the sweet is better if we serve chocolate pancakes as in this case.

This time at Guruwalik we bring you a simple but delicious recipe for homemade pancakes , with a touch of chocolate directly in the dough, with which you will surprise everyone at breakfast, you will see how all the dishes are clean and free of crumbs.

Chocolate hot cakes recipe
Chocolate hot cakes recipe

We invite you to stay with us and together we prepare this simple recipe, for breakfast, dinner or dessert … you decide!

Ingredients to make chocolate pancakes:

  • 1 cup of pastry flour (140 grams)
  • ¾ cup of Milk (180 milliliters)
  • 1 piece of Egg
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon butter

How to make chocolate pancakes:

Step NO 1

In the following image you can see the ingredients that we will need to prepare these delicious American chocolate pancakes, do not miss any details.

To make these pancakes or pancakes, as they are also called, you can use plain wheat flour mixed with a pinch of baking powder, pastry flour, or special pancake flour.

Step NO 2

To begin, we are going to mix the dry ingredients in a bowl , which this time would be the flour and the cocoa powder. We sift and mix until they are perfectly integrated!

Chocolate hot cakes
Easy to make Chocolate hot cakes recipe

Step NO 3

Then we add the liquid ingredients starting with the milk, followed by the egg and finally the melted butter. Mix very well with the help of a blender until no lumps are observed.

Step NO 4

Now on a frying pan with melted butter, we add a little of our mixture giving it a circular shape. We cook the pancakes on the grill on the side and repeat this step until we finish with all our mixture.

To know when to turn the pancakes you must wait for bubbles to form on the surface, as shown in the video recipe for fitness oatmeal pancakes .

Tip: Remember to butter the pan from time to time to prevent the pancakes from sticking.

Step NO 5

Once our chocolate pancakes are ready , we serve them with our favorite dressing, it can be a rich homemade jam , a little condensed milk or a little chocolate and hazelnut cream .

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