Easy to make Chinese Style Steamed Eggs Recipe

In addition to being easy to prepare, this Chinese egg recipe is very light and healthy: it is a kind of omelette that is steamed and without oil. Soy sauce is usually added and you can also prepare them with mushrooms or some vegetables. Follow the step by step of this oriental recipe and learn how to cook eggs in a different and easy way!

Chinese Style Steamed Eggs Recipe
Chinese Style Steamed Eggs Recipe

Ingredients to make Chinese style steamed eggs:

  • 2 units of Egg
  • ½ glass of water
  • 1 jet of soy sauce
  • 1 pinch of celery leaves

How to Make Chinese Style Steamed Eggs:

Step NO 1

We prepare the ingredients to steam the eggs. We have chosen some celery leaves, but you can also choose parsley, chives or some other vegetable.

Step NO 2

We beat the eggs in a bowl suitable for a steamer.

Step NO 3

Add half a glass of water and stir well. If we prefer, instead of water we can add the same amount of vegetable broth or milk. We put water to boil in a pot , and on top we will place the steamer, with the bowl inside. We will cover the whole so that the omelette is steamed.

Chinese Style Steamed Eggs
Easy to make Chinese Style Steamed Eggs Recipe

Tip: If you don’t have a steamer, you can also cook Chinese-style eggs in a bain-marie.

Step NO 4

In ten minutes the Chinese eggs will be ready. They should stay as seen in the photograph.

Step NO 5

Pour the crushed celery leaves, the soy sauce, and straight to the table. The Chinese-style steamed eggs will not disappoint you, and neither will other options that we propose in the Guruwalik section in the eggs and dairy section, such as eggs stuffed with surimi .

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